‘Love in the Times of WhatsApp’ by Liji Narayan

A woman waiting at the airport lounge peeps into her neighbour’s mobile. She sees him texting his girlfriend. But later, the man embraces another woman who just arrived at the airport. Which woman is he really cheating on- are things really as they seem?

‘Will the Oven Explode?’ by Andaleeb Wajid

Ayn is a celebrity food blogger who receives a prestigious award. On the same day, her husband walks out of their marriage and Ayn’s perfect world comes crashing down. It doesn’t help that Ayn’s sister-in-law hates her and will do anything to break up the couple. Will their marriage survive?

‘The Desi Guide to Dating’ by Ira Trivedi and Sachin Bhatia

So, you’re ready to start dating? But do you know what dating is? Do you like a girl but can’t figure out how to ask her out? Do you have a friend who likes you but you just don’t like him back? Perhaps you’ve downloaded a dating app but are unsure about how to start a conversation? Look, we know dating ain’t easy, and for the average Indian, it seems that much harder as we’ve never been taught this stuff. Our society is unique and so are the problems we face. In an age of ghosting, cheating, blocking and ignoring, finding love is difficult but The Desi Guide to Dating is here to help you out! This book is your one-stop solution to all your dating needs. It helps you perfectly navigate the increasingly confusing world of dating with a step-by-step guide. How to ask her out, what to wear on your date, how to protect your heart, how to kiss the girl, how to fend off creeps and stalkers, and much more. Happy dating, folks! Your time has finally come.

‘Combat Skirts’ by Sahana Ahmed

Enrolled in an Army hostel to study Law, Saba is torn between her duty towards her parents and her newfound freedom. To complicate matters, she has more suitors than she can handle. Whom will she choose? The old crush? The college hotshot? Or the mysterious Lieutenant?

‘You Are the Best Wife’ by Ajay K Pandey

A true and inspiring story of the author and his struggle with life after his beloved wife left him halfway through their journey. Ajay and Bhavna, with contradictory ideologies who fall in love. Until destiny reveals its plans…

‘I Feel in Love with a Soldier’ by Tanushree Podder

Kathyayani, a Tam-Brahm, has always lived by her Appa’s rules but yearns for freedom and adventure. She falls for Captain Dee, a Bengali, and both marry against their families’ wishes. Will they overcome their differences and settle into the army life or regret the hasty decision in the end?

‘Clean Bowled by Love’ by Srishti Chaudhary

Cricket is Preeti’s only passion but the family she marries into has no interest in the game. She settles into her new life without complaining but her husband wants her to be happy. What will he do to win her over?

‘Away from Home’ by Debeshi Gooptu

Sandhya is an eighteen-year-old domestic helper who works in an apartment in Gurgaon. Homesick and miserable, she finds a friend in Raju, a street-smart young man who works at a kirana store in the neighbourhood. Love blossoms and they plan to elope. Will Sandhya get her happily ever after?

‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ by Prachi Gangwani

Trisha sleeps with her best friend Abhinav and thinks they were always meant to be. But something doesn’t feel right. Is this love, lust or friendship? What does fate have in store for her?

‘The Reason is You’ by Nikita Singh

Siddhant meets Akriti during their medical residency in Delhi. Their connection is instant, blossoming from the many similarities between them. So, when Akriti faces a devastating loss, she leans on Siddhant for support. In the heat of an emotional moment, the two decide that this must be love. But as Akriti’s depression begins to take a stronger hold over her, she spirals out of control, sinking deeper into an abyss of fear, insecurity and rage. And while Siddhant struggles to help her, it seems like everything he does is only making things worse. Meanwhile, Siddhant’s life gets further complicated when Maahi, his ex-girlfriend whom he never stopped loving, re-enters his life. Nikita Singh returns with a stirring story – exploring emotional health, the boundaries of traditional relationships and second chances.


So start reading! There’s something for everyone!


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