What is the word power edition of Love in the Time of WhatsApp about you ask?

Love in the time of WhatsApp has been one of our most downloaded story on the app. We find ourselves at an Airport, in this story, alongside our protagonist who had her flight rescheduled on her way to visit her cousin. Bored and against using her phone to pass her time, she looks around for something to entertain herself. Here, she glances into the private conversation of a young man on Whatsapp with a ‘friend’.

At Juggernaut we are always experimenting with new formats. Be it serialization, short reads you can finish in your morning commute, or simply translations. With Love in the Time of Whatsapp, we decided to try something new, something we’ve never done before.

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And what is so special about the Power Edition?

Well, we’ve all interacted with vocabulary builder books, learning new words through lists. What if you could do that while reading an entertaining story? Through this short story, we have allow readers to learn the meaning of English words in Hindi – helping you to learn new English words at the tap of a button.

25 English words in under 20 mins

There are very few things as satisfying as reading a good book or an engaging story. And isn’t it even better if you get to learn along the way? With this word power edition, you read our most popular digital short read and in 20 mins, you learn 25 English words as well. Tap on a hyperlinked word and the Hindi word will appear. It’s that simple.

How it works

    1. Click or tap on blue highlighted words you find in the story.

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          2. You will be lead to the meaning of the English word in Hindi.

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Why we decided to do this

Learning new words or a new language indeed can sometimes be hard. English with its many different rules and weird words can be hard to grasp sometimes. However, learning new words in stories makes the task a lot more enjoyable. This approach allows a person to not only know the meaning of the word but also to understand where and how it is used in the language.

Experimentation is at the heart of Juggernaut. We have been working with a single mission to get people to read on their smartphones, ever since Juggernaut came into being. Through the journey, we have experimented with formats; whether it is the short form, a serialization or summaries of texts. And that is what drove us to partake in this project.

Interactive reading on-the-go

The digital reading experience doesn’t have to be passive. We are making it even more interactive and user-friendly with this newest feature.

Demographic of readers

As English and Hindi publishers, we are in a unique position where our reader segments overlap. Creating and catering content to the diversity that exists, is a goal that is very important to us. That is how the idea to create something that can cater to both Hindi and English readers, came into being. We’re also trying to combine the fun of storytelling, with education and learning.

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