While we try to figure new things to do everyday, why not try indulging in a romantic story? Here is a list of romantic stories that will keep you feeling dreamy and filled with hope, for we can all do with some cheering up and love in these strange times. After all, a little bit of romance never hurt anyone!

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A Sweet Deal by Andaleeb Wajid


Rumana runs a cafe in a posh Bangalore neighbourhood. Trouble begins when a patisserie opens next door and its annoyingly charming owner, Daniyal, has everyone eating out of his hands with his sophisticated creations. But when Daniyal steals Rumana’s secret recipe, all hell breaks loose.

All Tied Up by Aastha Atray

Anika is a fresh young journalist in search of a great story. Zain is a celebrated, reclusive artist with a dark secret. He wants her, but only in handcuffs. Can Anika handle his dark demands? Especially when she’s slowly but surely falling in love with him.

The Nikah by Andaleeb Wajid


A married woman is forced to relive her past when she visits her hometown. While attending a wedding, she recalls her secret meetings with the man she loved. Will she get to see him again? Is she ready to face him?

Summer with Vijay by Udayan Dhar


Fifteen-year-old Shekhar is dealing with being gay. He starts falling for his charming classmate, Vijay, after the two spend time studying together. Will Vijay reciprocate Shekhar’s affection for him or will this end in heartbreak? 

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte


The passionate but ultimately doomed love story of Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff set in the wild moors of Yorkshire. A timeless classic known for its passionate love story is sure to keep you deeply immersed.

Ravana Leela by Vikram Kolmannskog

IMG-20200327-WA0025 (1)

Two men explore their feelings for another while navigating the tricky boundaries of caste, sexuality and politics. This exploration further leads to an embracing of differences, with romance and sex as the backdrop.

My Summers with Sharmila by Saurav


In a quaint neighbourhood in Kolkata, a teenager spends his afternoons making sketches of the girl he gets to see only when she gets off her school bus everyday. All that the boy craves for is one look, one smile from the girl he has named Sharmila. As summers pass by and their paths keep crossing, the boy is left wondering what destiny has in store for him.

Love in the Time of Whatsapp and Other Stories by Juggernaut

IMG-20200327-WA0024 (1)

In the age of dating apps, how has love changed? In this spicy and exciting collection of stories, a girl flirts with a boy through her Wi-Fi network and a woman decides to seduce her husband by entering a beauty pageant. Short, fun and full of mischief, these stories truly define love in the time of WhatsApp.




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