Looking inward is the way forward

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As the external world becomes more and more complicated and dangerous, the human population risks their mental, physical and spiritual health everyday. Whether it’s anxiety or pain, there is a world of peace residing in each one of us. The question is – how do we unlock it? Kamlesh Patel, or as everyone calls him, Daaji, explains – 

  • Relax

This can be done when you’re panicked or stressed. Hold your right nostril with your thumb and take 10 deep breaths through your left nostril. It activates the parasympathetic nervous system which calms you down. 

  • Meditate

What 15 minutes of meditation can do for you, hours of any other activity cannot. The simple act of regulating your mind not only allows you to approach your problems calmly, but it also helps you become more thankful and compassionate towards others. 

  • Rejuvenate

Burn out has become a common phenomenon during the pandemic. We need to learn to take a moment to clean our hearts, restart and let go of worries and frustrations to find our inner light and calm!

  • Connect with your higher self

Prayer has been an age old tradition that may have lost its value with religious endorsement. But it is a great way to connect with a higher self, to experience inner love, hope and beauty!

Daaji continues this journey to inner peace in ‘Keep Calm and Connect with Your Heart’. #BounceBack from frustration with us as read it for free on 4th September on the Juggernaut app!


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