Let Go of Your Stress With Meditation

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We are surrounded by stress. Stress about not eating right, about not sleeping enough, about not performing well. Once we give in to stress, it creates more stress. We stop living and start stressing. Once stress starts, we cannot get out of it easily.

Meditation is an answer to our stressful lives. It helps us prepare ahead of time. It helps us train and regulate our mind so that we take charge before the stress kicks in.

Renowned teacher of meditation, Kamlesh Patel, affectionately known as Daaji, has been teaching Heartfulness meditation for years. He is a vital role model for anyone wanting to evolve as a human being and expand consciousness.

Here are insights from Daaji on how meditation can help train your mind:

How does meditation help?

Meditation has been used for thousands of years. Quite simply, it helps us regulate our thoughts and feelings. There is actually no religious or spiritual connotation to it, unless you want there to be. It is a scientific method of regulating the mind through mental exercise. You can call it a “brain gym” if you like.

The eyes are to see, the nose is to smell, the tongue is to taste, the ears are to hear, and the mind is to think. Meditation allows us to regulate the working of the mind and let it function in the best possible way. That means training it to think, and after mastering the process of thinking, we graduate to the next level where we expand the process from thinking to feeling. We learn to simplify, refine and master our feelings.

How do I start meditating?

In Heartfulness meditation, we focus our mind on the source of divine light in the heart, and then we allow meditation to happen. If other thoughts arise, we try not to pay them any attention, and remind ourselves that we are meditating. But if we start with the expectation that we must have a thoughtless state during meditation, it is a wrong approach. If thoughts arise, simply let them come and go. It is a normal process, as the mind is throwing off thoughts; there is no need to worry about concentrating or stilling the mind. Let it happen naturally over time. Nothing needs to be forced.

The Power of Meditation

What happens during meditation?

When you are truly in a state of meditation, you will be totally absorbed. The inner pull is so great that you will want to stay in that state for as long as you can. When you are getting pulled because of this inner energy, you might think: “Should I stay focused within my heart or should I go to work? Should I take care of my family?” Actually, there is no need to create an either/or dilemma. In Heartfulness, we are encouraged to do everything with equal attention, with equal fancy, with equal excellence. It is enough that we are signed into the heart and can see that signature of peace in the heart. It is enough for us to recognize that we are connected with the Source, and then go to work with confidence, and do the best we can.

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