June will be sizzling hot on Juggernaut

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India’s most daredevil military operation 

An attempted coup d’etat in the Maldives, a desperate SOS from its President and PM Rajiv Gandhi’s swift decision to come to his aid: this gripping account has a cast of characters that includes a flamboyant brigadier, a bemused ambassador, a daredevil bunch of paratroopers and ace pilots and an intrepid navy captain, who come together to do the impossible.



The ultimate account of Tipu Sultan — told by the world’s foremost Tipu scholar
Was Tipu Sultan of Mysore a reckless adventurer or a proud nationalist determined to throw the British out of India? This short account cuts through the myths to make this enigmatic king come vividly alive, taking us from his tumultuous youth, his ambitious military and diplomatic exploits, and his dramatic swings of fortune, to his death in his final climactic battle against the British.



Find out why the poster-boy of Indian boxing went pro

Vijender Singh is an Olympic medalist, India’s first in boxing. He used to be the leader of a band of boys from Bhiwani who changed the face of Indian boxing, who qualified en masse for the Olympics, won medals at Asian championships, and made a nation aware there was even such a thing as an ‘Indian boxer’. Then Singh went pro. This is his story. (end June–early July)



Veggie khana so hip and delicious, you’ll give up eating meat

Gujju Goes Gourmet celebrates meat-free recipes that are exotic, glamorous and yet easy to cook. From zucchini papardelle with avocado mash to bulgar wheat and mushroom risotto, from basil leaf ice cream to no bake lemon pie – this book will give you inspiring ideas that will light up your table.


She’s known for her startlingly accurate horoscopes — and she’s revealing all about the next 6 months

One of the world’s best-known astrologers, Susan Miller is known for her detailed readings, emotional sensitivity and her startling accuracy. From USA to Russia, Mexico to Turkey, millions of people reach out to her. Now you can get an exclusive preview.


Not listening to your mother might just kill you!

Ritu and Raj are the only children who live on Gulmohur Avenue. But when Ritu wakes up the slumbering evil that lies under the street, she has to grow up in a hurry. Even with Amma and the Mrs Joshis beside her, can a thirteen-year-old girl defeat something so ancient it has no name?


Stories that bring to life what it’s like to be a gay man in India 

They too fell in love, craved acceptance and shed tears of rejection. Mahesh Natarajan brings you heartfelt stories of men who were not afraid to love each other.



Far Pavilions meets Life of Pi —  we guarantee you will love this novel. 

1857. India is in turmoil. Captain Corcoran, a French sailor who has seen the world, arrives with his pet tigress Louison. So begins the adventure of his life, as he and his tigress join hands with a Maratha prince and his beautiful daughter Sita, to fight the British.


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