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We’ve been busy this July — not just publishing, but also acquiring new books: from one of the most important polemical works of nonfiction in recent times, to an investigation into one of the most worrying phenomenons of our times — and from a historical fiction about the Chola empire, to bringing back the photoromance, these are books you will want to read over and over.



Age of Anger — Pankaj Mishra

Why are young men and women from the West joining an extremist organisation like ISIS? Why are we seeing the rise of aggressive right wing politics in countries such as India, Turkey, UK and USA? What explains the expansion of Islamist terror, massacres in Western metropolises, wars in the Middle East? And in what way are these diverse politics of anger and violence connected? Boldly argued, breath-taking in its intellectual range, and with a canvas that stretches from Savarkar in India to Rousseau in France, Age of Anger is Mishra’s most ambitious work yet. 

Pankaj Mishra is the award winning author of a number of books, most recently From the Ruins of Empire.

I am a Troll — Swati Chaturvedi

Who are the right-wing trollers on social media? Who pays them? Why do they do what they do? And how do they work? Meeting a number of the trollers and looking at their links to political parties, I am a Troll is an explosive investigation into one of the most troubling and urgent phenomenons of our times.

Swati Chaturvedi is a journalist. This is her second book.



Mayawati: UP’s Iron Lady — Radhika Ramaseshan

All eyes are on Mayawati as she gears up to take on the BJP, the SP and the Congress in the UP Assembly elections in early 2017. The lady with her trademark handbag,  diamond solitaires and  rani-pink outfits is also a steely politician and ruthlessly efficient administrator,  who symbolizes the aspirations of millions of Dalits in north India. This book brings alive her complex personality, and charts her tumultous  journey from a  village on the outskirts of Delhi and her  days as a teacher in a slum school, to the chief minister’s chair in Lucknow. Will she make it to that seat of power again in 2017?

Radhika Ramaseshan, political editor of The Telegraph, has closely tracked Mayawati’s political career since 1989.


Good Indian Wives — Edited by Annie Zaidi

What makes for a good Indian wife? Balancing work, formidable reputations of their own while enhancing their husbands’ remarkable careers, this inspiring anthology looks at the women who managed to do it all.

Annie Zaidi is a writer of fiction, non-fiction and drama. Her first collection of essays was shortlisted for the Crossword Books Award.


The Bollywood Book of Vintage Scandals — Shubha Shetty Saha

Lots of juicy stories about Bollywood from a veteran entertainment editor — frustrated Dilip Kumar slapping Madhubala on the sets of Mughal-e-Azam after their relationship went sour, how Shahid Kapur-Kareena Kapoor’s MMS went viral and the real story behind Vinod Khanna and Osho. This is a book full of delicious pleasures for film lovers.

Shubha Shetty Saha is a journalist and film reviewer who covers the Indian film industry.


Empire — Devi Yesodharan

Aremis is a Greek prisoner of war of the Cholas. Trained to become a brilliant warrior, she rises to become one of Rajendra Chola’s legendary female bodyguards. Anantha is the battle-hardened, commander of the near-invincible Chola navy  and a trusted advisor to the emperor. The fiery young woman and the shrewd older man’s paths intersect as Rajendra plans to wage war on Srivijaya – a war that could change everything for the great king. Evoking the Chola period in all its splendour, this is historical fiction at its sumptuous best.

Devi Yasodharan was speechwriter for Infosys Chairman N R Narayana Murthy. Empire is her first novel.


Hindu fables from the Vedas to Shirdi Sai Baba — Renuka Narayanan

Religions have always told stories to their followers to teach them lessons about life. Now for the first time, comes a book that collects the most beautiful, enjoyable and inspiring of these fables from the greatest gurus of the Hindu tradition from the classical period to the present day.

Renuka Narayanan was the religion editor of The Hindustan Times for many years.


Piece of Cake: A Photoromance — Anand Kapur

Juggernaut’s first ever photoromance is a charming love story about missed connections, food, and deception! Two friends—both with very different personalities—fall for the same girl. One uses his charm to woo her. The other silently hopes she will see through his charade. Who will she end up with at the end?

Anand Kapur is a director, photographer and a filmmaker.


Meet Me at the Fair — Vivaan Shah

A young girl loses her favourite doll — but her mother thinks its more than just an accident; a jogger in Mumbai’s Hanging Gardens finds a human arm in his running track; an ex-convict tries to turn over a new leaf but the past comes calling. Imaginative, gripping and with a flash of bizarre, Vivaan Shah’s stories will transport you into another world. 

Vivaan Shah is an actor. This is his first book. 


The Third Squad — V. Sanjay Kumar

Karan, an expert sharpshooter, belongs to an elite hit squad of the Mumbai police whose members all fall somewhere along the autism spectrum. He is valued for his ruthless precision and efficiency in carrying out assassinations. But dishing out vigilante justice comes at a severe emotional and moral cost.

Sanjay Kumar runs an art gallery and writes about art.


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    are there any links you can provide so that i can purchase these books online? Especially good indian wives and vintage scandals.

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      hi, these books aren’t published yet. we’ll keep you updated when they are. thanks!

  2. Duke / September 9, 2016 at 1:25 am /Reply

    You mean rather than “books we bought this july” the “books we plan to bring to Juggernaut App in some near future when the writer is threatened with dire consequences for not meeting deadline” .. Silly clickbait blogging :) .. seriously its September, where are the 2016 must reads!!

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