The Juggernaut Writing Platform is a very exciting space for new writers in Indian publishing, a space which is constantly scouting for new writers and voices. We organize writing workshops in various cities every month for aspiring writers with professionals who help hone their skills.

With this platform in action, we decided on an outreach program to spread awareness about the writing platform through selected ambassadors across the nation in various cities.

Meet Vismay Harani- Ambassador for Juggernaut Writing Platform, Bangalore.
He is a Harry Potter fanatic who deems stereotype demolition important for personal growth. He feeds his creativity through his belief that he’s an alien, here to spy on human beings and their monotonous moodiness and laziness.
Vismay a.k.a. Alienman, is a self-proclaimed nutter, who loves himself some Sci-Fi. In fact, his short story on the Juggernaut Writing Platform “A Pup and a Tin Box” is about a dystopian world filled with robots and an unlikely friendship between one of their kind and a young puppy.

His contributions to the writing platform made us want to reach out and ask him to represent us in Bangalore as a part of the Juggernaut Outreach Program. He is now the voice of the Juggernaut Writing Platform which promotes aspiring writers and gives them a chance to get published and contracted on the platform.

We asked him some questions in the classic Juggernaut style for our audiences to get to know the Bangalore ambassador and here are his responses:

 What got you interested in becoming a writer? Where do you go for inspiration?

As a kid, I never dreamt of becoming a writer. Harry Potter forced me to pick up my metaphorical pen. In my 9th grade, I was obsessed with HP movies and books. I just desperately wanted to meet JK Rowling, Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson. 6-8 months before the book launch of ‘Deathly Hallows’, I along with my cousin wrote a fan-fiction titled ‘Harry Potter & the king of Zephyr’ where we use a time-turner to bring Dumbledore back to life and Dobby gets killed in the process (we skimmed over the fact that all time-turners were destroyed when Harry ran into the Death-Eaters in the Ministry of Magic in ‘Order of Phoenix’). With great enthusiasm, we sent the story to England – to Bloomsbury publication, to be specific. I was hopeful that JKR would respond positively and invite us to London for the book launch. Nothing came of it, I was crushed! In my kiddish anger, I resolved to be a famous author one day, just so that when I stand in line to get JKR’s autograph – she would know my name!
I have been writing since then!


Why Science Fiction?
I just like to imagine of scenarios where nerds save the day! I believe that the gun-toting, abs-crunching superheroes have been done to death. I like putting my protagonist in a future too fantastic to believe with its own set of rules and system, wherein the day is saved by brain and not brawn. My brief for an ideal story-line would be like: “Sherlock Holmes lives on 22nd Baker Street, Far side of the moon, who begins his day by drinking Pan Galactic Gargle blaster in the morning and plays 3-dimensional chess in his free time. He uses his deduction skills to catch time-thieves and ensure that the timeline of the world is not tampered with.”


Your bestselling authors and books list. Why do they make it to your list?

‘Harry Potter’ series by J.K Rowling

‘Foundation’ series by Isaac Asimov

‘Sphere’, ‘Congo’, ‘Andromeda Strain’, ‘The Great Train Robbery’, ‘The Jurassic Park’ by Michael Crichton

I just can’t say ‘no’ to a good Sci-Fi/fantasy book!


 Why should I be the Juggernaut ambassador for Bangalore?

You would be surprised to know that I am not from Bangalore :-p

I have been working in Bangalore for the past two years but I am a hard-nosed, money-minded, son-of-the-soil Gujju with a strong predilection for farsan (just kidding, I am actually an alien from a faraway galaxy impersonating this empty-headed daydreamer of a human-being, spying on you lot and plotting your destruction!).

And the reason I am your friendly, neighborhood Juggernaut Ambassador for Bangalore is simply because I am you (not joking!!). I have deep scars of ruthless rejections, somber moodiness of an infrequent writer, always in search of inspiration and frustrated by my own utter laziness – if I, can get published on Juggernaut – you definitely can do a lot more by availing the benefits of this awesome platform!

See, I am already making you feel better about yourself, everyone loves a good sob story!

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