When we started and where we are now

We’ve had a great year with the Juggernaut Writing Platform. We launched it in May this year and have seen a massive organic growth. Over 35000 stories were uploaded and 10 contracts have been given out. The platform has become our happy place to find new talent from all over the country. We are a step closer to our dream of democratizing publishing and it is all thanks to the writing platform. We are definitely ending the year with a bang with some big announcements and updates. [Read about the top new voices from the writing platform]
Say hello to a more informative and dynamic landing page: We engage with our community of writers a lot over email, and this new landing page is a reflection of the constant two-way communication that we enjoy with our writers. Start your stories, stay connected to our webinars, celebrate our new writers, all on this one page. We will feature our top writers here and share their stories here too. Super-easy access to all that’s happening in our community.
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Regular contests and prompts: We want you to never ever run out of inspiration. That’s why we will host contests constantly based on various themes, genres and prompts! Exciting collaborations with brands will allow us to give you new avenues to present your work and also win some exciting prizes. More contests mean more reasons to write (and more opportunities to win)! [Read the results of the Times Lit Fest Contest 2017 here]


The Mentor Programme: We are really excited about this one. We have picked a select few authors from within the community to help you out. Here, you can get help to complete a draft manuscript, find your voice, bounce off ideas regarding characters and plot with a fellow writer. We have announced our first batch of mentors and will keep adding to the list soon. This programme is the backbone and provides a true community feel to the writing platform.
Webinars and workshops: We know it isn’t enough to just write, we want to make 2018 the year you write better than ever before. Starting January, we’re launching offline events across the country and are promising you two webinars each month on topics such as “self-editing”, “writing fiction based on real stories” etc. Here is what January will look like. Sign up for updates here
Exciting, isn’t it? We hope 2018 is the year you realize your writing dream and we will be there to help all the way!

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