On Saturday 11 August, Juggernaut hosted a first of its kind writing workshop in its office- a speed writing workshop in which aspiring writers received live feedback from the other writers present, and from the Juggernaut writing platform editor!

But how exactly does a speed writing workshop work?

Writers who wanted to participate registered on our form with a story, and sent it to the Juggernaut writing platform editor, Srishti Chaudhary, who matched each participant with a partner. The editor also went about writing feedback for each of the participants’ stories.

On the day of the workshop, all participants sat with their partners and read each others’ stories, and noted feedback along Juggernaut created guidelines. The guidelines involved feedbacking the stories along:

  • Characterisation: are they round or flat characters?
  • Plot: is the plot strong enough to support the story?
  • Writing and grammar: is it good enough to pass a round of editing?
  • Beginning: Is it an engaging beginning?
  • Dialogue: Is the dialogue relevant and interesting?
  • Elevator pitch: Can the story sound engaging if its summary narrated in 1 min?

Any writer aiming to improve their writing will find feedback as one of the most helpful things- additional pair of eyes can notice and point out things that you would have never occurred to you about your story.

The even more exciting bit is that all these writers are now reworking their stories and sending those to our editors for consideration, and will also be submitting those for the Juggernaut Short Story Prize, which has a cash prize of Rs. 25,000 !

If one participant was 19, another was 62; if one participant worked in advertising and marketing, another a banker. Anybody who wishes to write and further craft their skill will need feedbck, and the speed writing workshop is a great way of getting this feedback from a person who’s a writer as well!

Just some moments from our workshop:


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