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Waking up early can seem like an uphill battle especially when you’re not required to travel to work anymore – but Robin Sharma says that waking up early has much to do with your health and personal growth. He guides on how to start the day right – 

  1. 20 minutes to exercise

Physical exercise which strains the body and makes the body sweat is the non-negotiable beginning to the day which makes the 5 AM Club possible. It energises and focuses the brain into self-discipline. It also makes one calmer while increasing metabolism.

  1. 20 minutes of reflection

Since one’s day can be complex, these 20 minutes of quietness allows the brain to contemplate on how one is living and plan about how to spend the day. One way of doing so is to write a statement of your ideal day and committing to strategies to achieve it. One can also write down ambitions and express gratitude towards life.

  1. 20 minutes of growth

The next 20 minutes are spent on learning about different fields, devouring knowledge and reading to actualise the goals set earlier. One can read, watch documentaries or listen to audiobooks which feed one’s curiosity.

Be an early bird and join ‘The 5AM Club’ – ‘Insights from the 5AM Club by Robin Sharma in 15 minutes’ will be free as part of #ReadersChoice on 2nd October 2021. 


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