Iron Out Your Mind

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Today’s world demands our attention for every second – but what happens when it becomes too much? Sadhguru tell us why we need to learn to disconnect – 

  1. The logical mind, which is the fundamental instrument through which you are trying to do everything, is only equipped to handle the duality of existence. The logical mind is the one which has divided your perception of the existence into many million pieces, and now it is trying to put it together. 

  2. In a time where our mind is constantly engaged and our attention doesn’t last for more than a few moments, it’s important to unengage; and that is meditation – to unstring yourself.  

  3. Every kind of logic builds a certain tension. Once there is logic, there is room for argument, isn’t it? Meditation is a way of unstringing this. 

  4. So, once the mind goes beyond the duality of logic, it becomes like a mirror which can contain the whole existence, the creation and the creator. 

Continue reading about how to understand the logical mind and how to make sure it doesn’t burn you out in ‘Ironing Out the Logical Mind by Sadhguru’, which will be free on 18th October 2021 as part of #ReadersChoice. 


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