Have we found the love-child of Rushdie and Borges?

An Indian literary fantasy to lie for!

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At Juggernaut we’re constantly looking for young, new voices with incredible stories to tell.  And we found a perfect match in Tashan Mehta’s wonderful debut novel, The Liar’s Weave.

The book tells the tale of Zahan Merchant who has a unique problem: he is born without a future. This cosmic mistake gives him the ability to change reality with his lies. But there is a catch, of course. How the gods like to build a vicious catch.

When our editor Indra Das read her manuscript, this is what he had to say, his honest-to-goodness first response:

Loved the whole thing–I strongly recommend we snap it up! Just what I’m looking for–highly intriguing, beautifully written Indian literary fantasy, strong and original, evoking various great writers (Rushdie and Borges come to mind) but very much its own thing.

Juggernaut will publish The Liar’s Weave towards the end of 2016.

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Tashan studied at the universities of Warwick and Cambridge. Her writing has appeared in literary journals such as Out of Print and Notes, an Oxbridge publication. The Liar’s Weave is her first novel.

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    Have been expecting its release……. :(

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