We all know that India has always had some great minds and personalities in almost every field, be it literature, politics, music, entertainment, sports, and science. But inventions are not everyone’s cup of tea. They require observation, passion, patience, and perseverance. India has long been a powerhouse of innovations and our homegrown prodigies have always made international headlines. Here are 5 genius and innovative ideas by Indians that’ll really inspire you – 

1. Did you know that Amul is India’s oldest startup?


Amul is our largest co-operative movement and the world’s largest producer of milk. Amul’s greatest success is not just marketing milk. It is that it sparked the collective consciousness of small farmers and producers of foodstuffs throughout India. Amul’s model was being replicated for everything that was edible and unorganized.


2. A perfect recycle


Mysuru has a morbid fear of turning into garbage-inundated Bengaluru, a fear it has channeled to drive the stench away from a beautiful heritage city. It has just been declared open-defecation free too. But, as much as influences are gained by reading or visiting other cities, the best inspiration comes from the residents of the city itself. While the corporations fulfill their obligatory sessions, it’s ultimately the people who ensure they get the kind of city they ask for.

3. The Hold-Your-Breath Sport


Since cricket, no other sport has grown so fast and connected across urban and rural India, age groups, genders, digital media, and television, as has Kabaddi. Kabaddi is ours in a way no other sport has been – in origin, in our collective lack of resources and space, in our penchant for jousting as a spectacle sport, and our fusing of the spiritual and the physical. The essentially combative contact sport, which in its current form features matches played for forty minutes with a five-minute break, originated in Tamil Nadu and finds mention in scripts dating back to the Vedas.


4. The Expanding Dosa


Udupi food derived from temple traditions. The 21st century Udupi has at once expanded and shrunk. The traditional format may be in crisis but the industry is changing to survive. Economics remains the religion of their food. At once modern and traditional, the new Udupi is, quite literally, you.

5. One Drop of Self-Belief


India’s polio programme, with 25 lakh vaccinators, 20 lakh carriers, 1.5 lakh supervisors, and high profile ambassadors, was one of the world’s largest. Its successful eradication was only possible when Indian scientists were heard. As of April 2016, IPV has been included in India’s Universal Immunization Programme. In 1981, half the children in India who got polio needn’t have. Sustaining our success in eradicating the disease depends on us remembering the reason behind this. The lesson for India, says Dr. John, is quite simply, ‘listen to our scientists’. 


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