Every Indian has certain non-negotiable rights: life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness…and a really good book. In the week running up to our nation’s 73rd Independence Day, immerse yourself in these remarkable books on the freedom struggle and the history of independent India. They will surely give you a break from the flood of WhatsApp forwards all week! 

Savarkar: The True Story of The Father of Hindutva


Savarkar is one of the most fascinating men in Indian history. A man who in the first part of his life wanted Hindu–Muslim unity yet later became the father of Hindutva. A man who called for complete independence twenty years before the Congress but didn’t participate in the Quit India movement. A man who in his younger days was friendly with Gandhi but was later seen as the inspiration behind his killing. This is a riveting and unbiased account of Savarkar’s life, and the only book you will need to truly understand him.

Tiger: The Life of Tipu Sultan


Tipu Sultan was the most feared Indian of his time. To the British, he was a cruel tyrant, but to his subjects, he was a wise and just king. From his daring military exploits to his practice of recording his dreams, this book cuts through the myths to bring this enigmatic and controversial ruler and his times vividly to life.

Kohinoor: The Story of the World’s Most Infamous Diamond


This riveting tale of the Kohinoor, the world’s most coveted gem, unearths fascinating new information as it moves from the Mughal court to Persia to Afghanistan; from Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s durbar in Punjab to the Queen of England’s Crown. A thrilling tale, full of violence, drama, and intrigue.


Hind Swaraj

hind swaraj

Written in 1909, this short polemic expresses Gandhi’s views on Swaraj, or home rule, modern civilization, and how the English rule corrupted India. He diagnoses the problems of humanity in modern times, the causes, and the remedy. More than a hundred years later, his views could not be more pertinent.

Indira: India’s Most Powerful Prime Minister


Insecure daughter. Betrayed wife. National heroine. Tough Dictator.

Indira Gandhi is fondly remembered as the Durga who won India its first decisive military victory in centuries and the strong stateswoman who had the courage to look American bullying in the eye and not blink. Equally, she is remembered as the terrible dictator who imposed the Emergency and tried to destroy institutions ranging from her own party to the judiciary. This no-holds-barred biographical portrait looks for answers to lingering issues: From Sanjay Gandhi’s curious grip over her to her bad marriage and love affairs, and her dangerous religious politics. This is the only book you need to read about Indira.

The Queen’s Last Salute: The story of the Rani of Jhansi and the 1857 mutiny

the queens last salute

As the queen of Jhansi prepares to fight the powerful British, her brave lady-in-waiting and companion, Chandraki, is sent on a mission that has the power to turn the tide. Telling the thrilling story of 1857 through the lives of two extraordinary women – Maharani Lakshmibai and Chandraki – The Queen’s Last Salute is historical fiction at its best.


The Indian Struggle 

The Indian Struggle

Written while Bose was in exile, the original manuscript was seized by the colonial government. The book was banned in India by the British and was only released in the country after India gained independence. It chronicles the history of the freedom movement to end British rule over India.


Give me blood, I promise you freedom: Word Power Edition

Give me blood

Subhash Chandra Bose is considered the most iconic and influential freedom fighters of India. This mighty speech delivered by him in July 1944, Give me Blood, I promise you Freedom, is one of the most powerful public speeches.

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