Fawaz completed his Masters in Development from Azim Premji University. Prior to that, he completed his Bachelors in Journalism from Madras Christian College. He is currently working with MyGov India.  He claims he is taller than Sachin and Aamir Khan but there is no empirical evidence to prove it.  An ardent football fan who enjoys cricket and tennis too. He believes in one god and that is Rahul Dravid. Other qualifications include Bathroom Actor, Outside-the-TV Cricket Commentator, Private stand-up comic. You can tweet to him @fawazjaleel or email him at

Could you inform the readers a little bit more about your work?

On a lighter note, this story is what happens when an aspiring satirist tries to explore into the ‘Romance’ genre. The subject of ‘Love’ has been beautifully exploited by writers across the world. I had this mental block about writing in this genre because I often wondered what could I write that has not been written before? Then those famous words hit me again, ‘The world might have heard this story but it hasn’t heard your version of it” ( Ha-ha! The worst rephrasing ever). From the Land of Palaces deals with human emotions and subsequent human reactions.

What difference does writing make to your life? Do you think you’ll move on to other story formats in your future?

Writing makes me feel lighter. I mean I wish I could shed real calories with writing too but unfortunately, that isn’t possible. There are those unresolved matters in your mind that often add to your stories and sometimes the stories help resolve them too. Yes, I want to try everything because that is the beauty of it. Sometimes you’ll succeed, mostly you’ll fail but that’s okay because there will be no regrets.

When did you know that you wanted to be a writer?

I honestly don’t know. How I decided it was simpler. I checked with myself if I would be happy doing anything else. But my head was further confused. Instead of giving me the answer with a magical touch “Writing son, you should become a writer”, it gave me more ideas than I had, from marketing to law, from acting to stand up etc. So then the best way to live all these lives was to write about all of them.

Is there a preferred time of the day when you get your writing done? 

Honestly, I tried a lot to romanticize the idea of writing by sitting in my balcony on a rainy day. What happened in reality was that I lost a laptop to water entering it and fusing a few circuits. So any time I am alone is good time.

Do you write one particular genre or different genres? Which one is your favorite?

I love satires and thrillers the most or that is what I’ve written so far. Favourite would be magic realism.

What made you write this particular story?

It was a thread that hit my head on a Monday morning, kept nagging me till a Tuesday afternoon. I just wrote it on a Wednesday evening.

Did you face any challenge while writing this piece?

I’ve never lived in Kottarakkara nor have I ever visited Mussoorie. Hence describing these places were difficult. I mean research helps but knowing the places helps to add more reality to it. Well, when you have friends who wanderlust enough, information of any place isn’t a challenge.

Can you suggest some books for our readers that you think are must reads?

Difficult to suggest just a few books. It depends on one’s taste. From Animal Farm to City of Djinns and from Snow to The Illicit Happiness of Other People, the possibilities to get entertained and educated are many.

What is the most difficult part of your artistic process?

Converting thoughts into words. And then mincing those elongated thoughts while editing.

How was your experience with the Juggernaut Writing Platform?

Oh! You guys are changing lives and I mean it. For people to get their work across to a larger audience, this is the best platform. A couple of people tweeted and sent me emails after reading the story with their honest feedback. It was amazing to see the diverse set of readers using this platform. Of course while the comfort and love for hard copies still exist, Juggernaut is your practical partner for all those times when you need something quality to read. It is the platform you want and need, the dark knight that gives dark horses a platform to progress.

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