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I’ve lived close to the sea since I was a child. My father built a sailboat and we spent summers in the 70s and 80s sailing on the Baltic Sea, all the way to Sweden, Germany and Denmark. I knew then that I wanted to be a sea captain when I grew up. At the age of 15, I went to marine vocational school. I learned the basics, and after graduating, started working in merchant ships: passenger ships, cargo ships and oil tankers.

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I worked on dozens of ships and saw the world: from the Suez Canal to the rivers of China, from Africa to Greenland and Borneo. At the same time, I studied further and eventually got my Sea Captain’s degree in 2004. I later finished with a Master of Marine Science degree in 2011. During the winters, when I was on vacation from my Sea Pilot job, I worked on board Finnish icebreakers on the Baltic Sea.

In the winter of 2011, I was an operator on an icebreaker. I had just finished my night watch. The night had been full of missions and tricky situations. Suddenly, it hit me: why won’t anyone put these stories in writing? And then: why not me? Icebreakers could tell their stories and wink their blue eyes. I decided to put pen to paper and start telling the icebreakers’ stories.

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I’ve always read books to my children, and also made up my own stories of the sea, icebreakers, ships and lighthouses when I could not find them in book stores. Storytelling is second nature to me. My literary inspiration is Jules Verne. I started reading his adventure books quite young and remember how the stories charmed me.

My aim is to continue the Icebreaker Snow book series with many new stories and communicate the values of positivity, helpfulness and friendliness that Icebreaker Snow and other characters exhibit to the world. The fourth book is already in the making, as well as an animation series, intellectual property, and other new characters.












Teemu Leppälä is the author of the Icebreaker Snow series of children’s books. The first three books in the series are now available in India for the first time, exclusively on the Juggernaut app! Click on the covers above to get the books. 


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