We’re so excited to announce that Husain Haqqani’s India vs Pakistan: Why Can’t We Just Be Friends? is live on the Juggernaut App. In this provocative and deeply analysed book, acclaimed authority on Pakistan, Husain Haqqani, looks at the key pressure points in the relationship—Kashmir, terrorism and the nuclear threat—and argues that Pakistan has a pathological obsession with India, which lies at the heart of the problems between the two countries.

Divided into five chapters, the 20,000 word book is a clear-eyed read of a relationship and passage of time. You can read the entire book on the Juggernaut App for Android for just INR 99. Currently, the book is also on offer with a 50% discount at INR 49.5.Husain Haqqani

Ex-ambassador Haqqani’s book has already been lauded in the press for its explosive revelations, such as the ex-ISI chief General Shuja Pasha admitting ‘the planners of the 26/11 attacks were “our people” but not “our operation”‘. The Telegraph said the book presents ‘a rare, front-row view of some of the tensest moments in India-Pakistan ties over the past 25 years’. In another interview, the author admitted that the ‘space for India-Pakistan friendship is shrinking’, and that Pakistan’s policy on Kashmir has been ‘plebiscite or nothing’. Haqqani told The Indian Express ‘that the aim of the book…was to “acknowledge what may be the contribution of Pakistan to the current stalemate but at the same time to remind Indians that they are also to blame. “The purpose of the books is to say that we have both not handled the last 69 years well.”

Happy Reading!

You can read Husain Haqqani’s India vs Pakistan: Why Can’t We Just Be Friends? by downloading the Juggernaut app here


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