Inspiration from a dog fight, criminology and writing on vacation: #HowWritersWrite with Hitesha Deshpande

Hitesha Deshpande, author of Crucibles of Sin, talks about her writing process.

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We asked Hitesha Deshpande, author of the upcoming epic fantasy Crucibles of Sin and an entrepreneur, how she manages to juggle writing and a full-time job, whether her qualification as a criminologist affects her writing and where she finds inspiration.


When and where do you write?

I usually write on a vacation. How perfect, right? It is extremely difficult to find the energy to write after a full day at work. I have profound respect for authors who accomplish that. I need a vacation.

Do you write everyday? How long do you write for?

I haven’t written at all. For months. And there are days when I have written through the night right till the dogs start licking my feet, begging me to take them on their morning walk.

Do you listen to music while you write? What’s currently playing on your iPod?

I am one of those people who get distracted by a song. I get too caught up in the lyrics to be able to write when a song is playing.

What site do you keep returning to, even if you don’t want to, when you write? Why?

My blog. Though I do not write as often anymore, there was a time when I there was a new post every day. I cannot believe that I am responsible for some of the content there. It is either that awesome or that embarrassing. It is a reminder of what I can do and what I should not.

You’re a qualified criminologist, how does that affect your perspective on the real and the fictional world?

As someone who has studied crime for a while, I am scared of the real world. Some people are born evil and some are made evil by their experiences. But this is where the real horror lurks. In the minds of people. Fiction can be very scary but you always have the liberty to discard those horrors with statements like – it happens only in a story/book. No such luck in the real world.

Why epic fantasy? Where did the inspiration for The Ranakrt Chronicles come from?

It started with a dog-fight and someone muttering – it’s not about the dog in the fight but the fight in the dog. Dogs who had to fight to stay alive. Pure souls driven to unthinkable acts, in order to survive. It was the nice ones who bled the most. Thus, were born the warriors tied together by a pact, to protect – themselves and others. Seven brothers were born out of seven strays I love! And I, of course, was the Goddess who resurrected their souls and gave them the purpose to live.


Hitesha Deshpande is a criminologist by training, an entrepreneur by profession and a writer by choice. She is the author of two novels. Crucibles of Sin, Book 1 of the Ranakrt Mythologies will be available exclusively on the Juggernaut App at launch. 




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