Amal Singh’s short story Pariah will make you think over what dreams really are, and whether anyone really controls them. We asked him about dreams, and found out he had evil plans if he had the power to create a being like Pariah — who can control dreams :)

Amal Singh

Do you write everyday? When and where do you write?

I certainly aim to write everyday. A word, a scribble, a sentence…sometimes entire chapters. I occasionally draft on my phone on long commutes to work, fairing it out (at work ;)) at times, and mostly at home on weekends. My inbox is filled with countless to-and-fro drafts of works-in-progress.

Do you listen to music while you write? What’s on your playlist right now?

I love music, but it distracts me from writing. Also, I don’t have a dedicated playlist. No iPod or a device. I occasionally listen to Kishore Kumar, Mohammed Rafi, Hemant Kumar. Frank Sinatra is a favourite as well.

What’s your go-to-site for distracting yourself while you write? Or do you refuse to browse while writing?

I wish there was a thing such as distraction-free writing. Such is the nature of the beast. I can go on for 2,000 words without as much as a glance at my browser. Then again, a 100 words and I get bored, convincing my brain that I need to ‘research’. Next thing you know, you are watching sneezing Panda videos on YouTube, or how to cook a kickass lasagna.

But if there is one site I enjoy visiting, it is io9.

Pariah is about an ancient being who controls dreams. Where do you think dreams come from in reality?

I think swans dance on our heads as we sleep. They leave in the morning to go into their realm and come back again with new dance moves. So, yes, that’s where dreams come from.

What fascinates you most about Delhi, the ancient city?

The food. I am a die-hard foodie!

In all seriousness though, Delhi has a rich, multi-cultured history. One can’t help but think about the people who came, built walls, destroyed them, left, came back again and built the city anew. It must have been enchanting, back in the day, in the ancient city. So many monuments stand as silent sentinels, reminding us about what came and warning us, perhaps, about what is yet to come. Isn’t it enough to get excited, and take inspiration from?

If you were given the power to create a being like Pariah, what powers would you give it?

Telekinesis would be cool. Telepathy would be cool (and creepy)! Flying would be cool. Clairvoyance would be cool. Basically, being a god would be cool as hell. I would create a god, and order it to create a world. Just for fun.


Amal Singh’s short story Pariah is now available on the Juggernaut app here


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