Vaibhav Datar is a mid-life coach and author of the bestselling book Simplify Your Life. In his #ReadInstead Litfest session, he shared with us 3 secrets that will help us simplify our lives. During this lockdown, let’s take Vaibhav’s help to introspect, reevaluate our lives, and improve ourselves.

Key Takeaways:

Each of the three words – ‘Simplify’, ‘Your’ and ‘Life’, have a secret embedded in them. 


Ask yourself these questions – Am I happy now or was I happier 20 years back? Am I more peaceful now or was I more peaceful 20 years back? Is my life more simplified right now or was it simpler 25 years back? 

What were your answers? If you are like most people, then your answer was 20 years back.

We did not have mobiles 2 decades ago, there weren’t too many ways to be in touch with each other, there were no spam emails, there were no apps to distract you. We were not connected with each other for 24 hours. Back then, when one used to go back home after their work, they used to be completely disconnected from their office, and when one would go to work, they would be completely disconnected from their home. There were no social media competitions about who could go on the best holiday. What we had back then was a one-to-one personal connection with each other and having a very focussed life – that was what mattered most. Today, we have a multitude of options to choose from in every aspect of life. This has impacted us in more ways than one. When we give our brains too many choices, too many options, too many things to do, then it suddenly goes into a frenzy and stops. Our brains like to work their neural pathways and be productive for us, when when we load it with excess tasks, it goes into a mode of frenzy and doesn’t take prudent decisions.   

Today when we have so many things to do, we are not living a great life. We are living a life made out of choices, which then leads to a lot of stress. 

There are three types of programmes that we indulge in everyday – essential programmes, long-term programmes and wasteful programmes. 

So the first secret to simplify your lives is to reduce your engagement in all wasteful programmes and focus on your long-term programmes. 


According to quantum physics, we are all made up of energy. Our brains might be emitting different frequencies, but we are technically the same. We all know that like attracts like. Going along the same path – our lives are not separate. If one is able to raise my own vibrations, if one is able to go to the next level, then you will be inspired to come to the next level. What goes around comes around. So what vibrations go out of me are going to affect you in a particular way.
So the second secret to simplify your lives is to serve yourself first before serving others. Similarly, if you are able to serve yourself first, if you are able to simplify your life first, you will be doing a great service to people around you. Because what you are actually doing by serving yourself and doing the best for yourself is that you are also inspiring others to do the best they can do.

Create programmes for your own self that are of the highest standards. Don’t settle for mediocrity. 


During the course of this session, thousands of cells in your bodies have died and thousands more have been generated. Life is all about evolution. It moves in a spiral fashion, it never comes back to the same point. It always blossoms and moves up. It shows different colours to everyone. It is all upon us whether we are able to take this life or not.

As humans, our work is to create our own lives. So the second secret to simplify your lives is to maintain a book of your life in which you write about your beliefs, your goals for the next 1-3 years and a few strategies on how you are going to achieve them. Write your dreams down so that you are one step closer to achieving them. 

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Stay in, stay safe and #ReadInstead!





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