How to detox your anger

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We all become angry, and most of us don’t like it. We try to suppress it for different reasons – maybe we don’t want to look a certain way, or be called short-tempered by our peers.

Feeling angry is not bad—every emotion is valid, and it can be useful for our growth. What is bad is punching our friend in the face or shouting at our kids as a reaction to that anger.

But what if we can use this energy to heal ourselves? 

Heartfulness, a renowned simple meditation practice, suggests that instead of suppressing our anger we should be aware of it. They have effective and practical ways of helping out with managing our emotions and anger. Just like going to the gym, it might take you a while to see the results. However, if you stick with the practice, they will inevitably show.

Here are 5 ways they recommend to manage your emotions:

  • Simple breathing exercises: ‘Pranayama’ helps in oxygenating the whole system and thus energising the body and mind. At the beginning of your day and even before going to sleep, these exercises help to regulate the nervous systems.

  • The power of suggestion: ‘Sankalpa’ is a Sanskrit word that loosely translates to “suggestion” in English. But more than this, it is also a process of using the will to take a solemn, prayerful vow to allow something that we want to manifest. When we conceive a sankalpa, we turn inwards. It is subtle, and therefore supremely potent. It is the potency of sankalpa that makes all the difference. Aster the art of sankalpa to create direction in your life.

  • Give others the benefit of the doubt: People might say rude or insensitive things to you while also placing heavy work demands on you. Instead of getting angry, remain aware that they probably had no intention to be mean to you. That may be how they communicate, they may also be under a lot of pressure, and they might not be aware of what your schedule is like. Give others the benefit of the doubt with respect to their intentions, while also being clear and firm about your needs and capacity to take on work. Non-violent heartful communication can go a long way in helping in such situations.

  • Actively generate positive emotions: Positive emotions, such as gratitude, love, joy etc. harmonize the mind, which can help you manage and complete your work more effectively. We can actively generate positive emotions from within ourselves. Think of all the things in your life you are grateful for. Think of those things that make you feel love, happiness, joy, etc. and really feel those positive emotions and let them wash over you. Make a habit of remaining in a positive emotional state even when there is chaos around you.

  • Lastly try this method to dissolve your anger: Guided “Ocean of Peace” Cleaning

Sit comfortably and close your eyes.

Imagine that you are in a gentle ocean of peace. The waves are soothing and blissful.

Have the firm thought that you are immersed in this ocean of peace, and the waves are removing all your coverings.

Do this for as long as you can, but no more than 30 minutes.

The Heartfulness way is simple – start using your emotions for positive changes within you. That’s it. Stop hiding them. Stop finding someone to blame. Stop trying to fix them as if they were wrong. Acknowledge them and heal yourself. Listen to yourself instead of trying to fix the symptoms. 

For more such practical and useful tips, we highly recommend you read Managing Emotions in the Time of Crisis – The Heartfulness Way.

We are all going through a global crisis, and now is the best time to read it! These methods will help you move from being angry and upset to being cool as a cucumber. 



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