How to Achieve Mental Wellbeing?

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Coping with isolation in the COVID-19 pandemic is unquestionably a challenge. But there are steps you can take to manage your wellbeing. Here are 7 bite-sized reads that will help you achieve your goal of mental peace. 


how to achieve mental well being

1. How to Achieve Mental Wellbeing: Negative thought patterns disturb your mental wellbeing. Sanket Pai tells you how you can avoid them, and live a happier life.


meditate to unstring

2. Meditate to Unstring Yourself: All the sadhana, all the meditativeness that is prescribed on the spiritual path is fundamentally to handle your logical mind. If it is constantly strung tight, then the very life energy in you will become weak and lose its intensity and vibrancy over a period of time. 



3. Transforming the Mind: HH the Dalai Lama says that if you want to protect the mind, you must make an effort to maintain mindfulness.


managing emotions

4.Managing Emotions in the Time of Crisis: Even before Coronavirus, there were many external pressures that bombarded us. Daaji tells how you can keep calm during tough times.


7 practices to calm yourself


5. 7 Practices to Calm Yourself: Relax your stressed mind using these techniques instead of meditation


burnout strategy

6. What’s Your Burnout Strategy?: Although the WHO is now working on guidelines to help organizations with prevention strategies, most still have no idea what to do about burnout. Here’s what HBR experts have to say. 


how to love youself

7. How to Love Yourself: Self-love has nothing to do with selfishness. It is a journey to our own happiness. Your journey to happiness begins with self-love. 


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