With globalization at its peak, English has quickly become a global language. We have already forgotten our क, , ग(s), remembering just the abc(s). Remembering Hindi grammar classes always tends to nostalgia but never to knowledge anymore. So, here is a shoutout to our mother-tongue: where the words are so unique that other languages don’t come close to having an exact translation.

  1. I personally don’t blame any other languages to not have an exact translation of this word; after all, they’ve never danced in a Baraat, have they?word_thumka
  2. Do you think this is why we never had the likes of The Plague epidemic here? Maybe that’s why British had to come here personally to do the job.word_bajarbattu
  3. It is a mix of oblivious, ill-informed, silly. So maybe English language does have the word for it – President Trump.word_budbak
  4. This is what you do to your mother when your sister steals laddo but doesn’t give you your rightful share.word_chugli
  5. Indian kids, according to our parents, don’t “hang out” with our friends. Instead, we do this, which basically means ”having fun when you’re not supposed to.”gulcharrey
  6. We were feminists before it was cool, giving the wife an equal position in the marriage.word_ardhangini
  7. It’s that ghungroo sound, those running feet adorned with payal. It is the memories of dance performances where the dance provides its own music.word_jhankar
  8. The rhythm of the word that defines the urgency of the task it needs to be done. It rolls off the tongue, as should the task that’s being rushed.word_jhatpat
  9. Namoona isn’t just a weird person, it’s a person like no other, in a bad way, obviously. The sample of weirdness, if you will.word_namoona
  10. Hindi, being a musical language, has a lot of words employed for musical sounds. Some words are musical enough to work as baby names too. True Story.word_runjhun
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