The last year has been a game-changer when it comes to our social interactions. ‘Mask Up and No Hugs’ seems to be the norm. But how does this affect romance? We are all bursting at the seams to connect with someone, just like Rukhsar and Siddharth from ‘Love in the Time of Pandemic’ the struggle is truly real.

Here are 5 hilarious tweets that will help you laugh through the pain – 

  1. When we were all Jane Austen – tweet 1

  2. When we all felt called by one single tweettweet 2

  3. When we finally found something to blame for our pathetic love lives –tweet 3 (1)

  4. When a global pandemic actually helped us take out the competition – tweet 4

  5. When we beat the odds in the worst possible way – tweet 5

If you’ve been missing romance, come read an adorable Covid love story in ‘Love in the Time of Pandemic’, free as part of the #LiveLaughLearnLove Festival on the Juggernaut App. What starts as a couple of stolen glances across their balconies turns into a budding romance between Rukhsar and Siddharth. But when COVID strikes, how will they connect? Read here. 



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