So Priceonomics, a US-based website, analyzed the ratings and reviews from Goodreads and its nearly 20-million users to find out what was the internet’s most favourite book, and came up with some of the most interesting data nuggets from the world of reading:


This list is very different from any of the best books’ lists we’ve seen, and says a lot about the average Internet reader’s choices. Four Calvin and Hobbes books are among the top 10, and a boy band story makes it in the list too.

For Indian readers, #12 on the list is most exciting: Ponniyin Selvan is the great historical epic about the Chola dynasty — a 2,400-page magnum opus written by the Tamil writer Kalki, published between 1951-54. Readers of the book have long vouched for its quality, and it seems Goodreads users agree.
The study has some more nuggets of data, but what excited us was the list of the highest-rated authors by genre: guess who’s the highest-rated fantasy author? And the highest-rated travel writer? Both names will seem familiar to Indian readers:


There’s also the list of the worst books of all time:


Read the full story here.


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