The Indian Gone Girls

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If Anurag Kashyap’s films are to be believed, death is everywhere. Gory sights and ritual murders are commonplace. But of course, it’s just a film, right? It could never happen in real life. WRONG! Like Dinah, the protagonist in our latest revenge thriller on the Juggernaut App, ‘Say It One Last Time’, these women chose the grimy path of murder and captivated the nation. We explore the stories of the country’s most terrifying female murderers – 


 1. Shabnam Mohammed

This chilling tale began with a love story – Shabnam and Salim had been lovers for a while, but due to socio economic differences, Shabnam’s parents were against the match. That is when the pair hatched a plan to take over her parents’ property. Shabnam drugged her parents and 5 other members of her family including a 10 month old child and Saleem proceeded to execute them all as they lay unconscious. She was the first woman to have been on death row post independence. 


 2. Jolly Shaju

Kozhikode, Kerala was stunned with the revelation of gruesome murders that took place over 14 years in one family. Jolly Shaju killed her mother in law, her husband, her son and mother in law’s brother, followed by her niece and sister in law. The first couple of deaths were treated as natural but soon, suspicion led to the discovery of cyanide poisoning. 


 3. Priya Sheth

A smiling pretty face can lead to a terrifying ordeal just like 27 year old Dushyant Sharma’s Tinder date ended disastrously. He met Priya Sheth, who with 2 accomplices, kidnapped and murdered him. They then contacted his father for a ransom, which they received. But this is the last in a long line of criminal offences Priya was responsible for. As a video interview showed, she completely lacked empathy for the victim of his family or any remorse regarding her actions.


 4. Indrani Mukherjea

The Sheena Bohra case was sensationalised through the media and is quite well known. A young Indrani Mukherjea gave birth to Sheena Bohra out of wedlock, a result of being impregnated by a family member, later revealed to be her own father. Having been married a couple of times, Indrani eventually moved to Mumbai and married Peter Mukherjea and lived with him and 2 daughters who were from her other marriages. When Sheena started dating Indrani’s stepson,  Rahul, and refused to part with her money to give it to Indrani, she was murdered by her own mother and her first husband, Siddhartha Das. It captured the nation’s scandalous imagination and the twisted case is still being overseen by the CBI!


 5. Simran Sood

This one definitely seems like one right off the screen! Starlet Simran Sood used to run a honeytrap racket with Vijay Palande, a former gangster and her then husband. Palande, convicted of many other crimes before, got cosmetic surgery abroad and returned to India, quite literally, a new man. She, along with Vijay, murdered one of their target’s, Anuj Tikku’s father, Arunkumar Tikku. They also killed one of their accomplices, Karankumar Kakkad, before they were caught. 


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