Sahil Pradhan is a student currently reading at D.A.V public school, Pokhariput, Bhubaneswar. He finds his pleasure in writing short novellas and reviews on Goodreads. He loves to write and was chosen among top 5 writers in Times lit fest writing contest. You can read his book The Forgotten Quest here.

How was your experience with the Juggernaut writing platform?

The Juggernaut writing platform seriously provides a great stage for young authors like me, to present their writing. People react there and you get golden opportunities like this. And the writing contests are just an amazing initiative. You open the writing platform and you would find it very user friendly. Hats off to the team of Juggernaut for that.

What motivated you to start writing in the first place? What is your writing inspiration?

My grandfather was an Odia author in his time. He used to write poems and fictions in Odia. My love for writing started maybe for that writing gene in me. Secondly, it was at ten years that I wrote my first story and it was published by an English-Odia daily. I got fascinated by that happening and I decided writing was my passion.

Please do share a few writing tips with us.

A few writing tips:

 i) A writer must be a good reader. So read a lot and, go through books related to the genre you are writing and books related to your topic.

ii) A writer must be energetic and positive, do not give up if you get negative feedback to your work. Try to write as much as you can.

iii) Look around for writing contests and prompts, so that you can work on your skill and learn new techniques.

Last but not the least, stay hungry, stay foolish.

Which is your favourite genre? Who are your favourite authors and how do they make it to the top of your list?

My favourite genre is not one but it is rather complex to comprehend. It is mythology and its retelling and theological thrillers. For mythology, my favourite author is Devdutt Pattanaik. He is just an amazing illustrator, storyteller and philosopher. You can see layers of deep meaning within each line of his book. For theological thrillers, my favourite is Ashwin Sanghi. You cannot express his wonderful books in mere words. The research he does in each book and way he puts it down is just amazing. Mythological retelling is difficult but you cannot suppress the impact of Anuja Chandramouli on my writing. She is my friend on Goodreads and her praises for my books gives me great motivation.

According to you, what is the one most important quality that a writer needs to have? Apart from the love for writing, of course!

The most important quality for a writer is reading. A writer must read a lot. (He must be on Goodreads.)

Which is that one book which is an all-time bestseller for you? Why?

I enjoyed reading Durga Writes to Her Father published by Juggernaut. The book is an amazing blend of short story, philosophy and mythology. The book inspired me to write The Forgotten Quest which is a combination of classical Vikram-Vetal tale and philosophy.

Hope that Juggernaut inspires me more to write and even may publish my future books!



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