Vidhya Devaraj is a Computer Science Engineer by education, a freelance web content writer by profession and a poet and blogger by passion. She accidentally joined a KPO as a content writer due to recession in the IT industry, but later realized that it is her god-ordained destiny. In the dream of becoming a published author, she quit her job after 2.5 years to pursue novel writing. Her short story, Fatal Fate, published on the Juggernaut Writing Platform, earned a place in the top ten picks of the Times LitFest Contest.

How was your experience with the Juggernaut writing platform? Any suggestion from you to improve it?

It was by chance I stumbled upon Juggernaut to participate in the TimesLit Fest short story contest. I was greatly impressed by the ease of uploading a book in minutes and present to millions of online readers. Juggernaut is an awesome platform for budding writers whose talents are not recognized properly. I am so happy that they recognized mine as my story appeared in the TimesLit Fest contest’s top picks. It is my first step to success.

Could you tell us a little more about your story ‘Fatal Fate’?

Actually, I have never written a short story before until one day I came across the Juggernaut TimesLit Fest contest. I thought why not give it a try and that’s how Fatal Fate started.  Thriller is the genre I chose as it always fascinated me. However, building suspense in a short story is quite challenging as there would be very less characters to plant suspicion with. A random thought occurred to me – ‘What if two friends get same threats? How would they escape from their enemy’s clutches?’ With this story line as the base, I started sketching characters slowly and gave life to them. One thing I made sure is to give readers a nail-biting experience. So, I created enough conflicts for the protagonist to overcome and kept readers guessing the antagonist. Hope I fulfilled the readers’ expectations, which I learned on a later date from the reviews.

What motivated you to start writing in the first place? What is your writing inspiration?

I started writing poems at the age of 14 just as a hobby. One of them gave me a huge recognition during school days as it bagged the first prize at MIT, Anna University. It was at that moment I discovered my talent for writing. From then, I never stopped writing. Reading a lot of mystery crime and thriller novels inspired me to write fiction. All of a sudden, one day, brimming story ideas with breathing characters conspired in my head. As I wrote them down, I saw a novel taking shape. The result is a medical crime thriller and a psychological thriller novel – both works are in progress. It’s just that my mind says and I write. There is no telling when I start or stop. In addition, I cannot force myself to write just for the sake of writing. It has to come from within.

Please do share a few writing tips with us.

Writing is an art! Put your heart and soul in to your works. Don’t write just for the sake of writing. Be prepared to face criticism for it is the way to improve your writing. Never try to follow another writer’s writing style. Some may like it writing traditionally on a notebook and some may like it writing on a laptop. What works best for one writer may not work for another. So, do not try to incorporate another person’s writing habits. Read a lot of novels and watch a lot of movies. Do a lot of research before you put up something for reading online. Logic is very important. Think from the readers’ point of view if you have logically answered all questions a reader would ask while reading a story. Last but not least, edit your work multiple times before presenting it to the reader

Which is your favourite genre? Who are your favourite authors and how do they make it to the top of your list?

My favorite genre has always been mystery and crime thriller. Dan Brown and Sidney Sheldon are my all-time favorites. These authors top the list because they made me sit at the edge of my seat, read without a break; losing track of time, glued to the book all-inquisitive with my heart racing. At last, I am captivated by their exemplary talent of unraveling a mystery.

According to you, what is the one most important quality that a writer needs to have?Apart from the love for writing of course!

In addition to the love for writing, writers should possess the quality of understanding readers’ mind and delivering works, which live up to their expectations. They must perform multiple edits until they get a fine-tuned, impressive result. End of day, readers are the ones who decide if a work is good or not. So, work hard to impress them

Which is that one book which is an all time bestseller for you? Why?

Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown would always be my top favorite. With a controversial plot that would shake the very foundation of the Christianity, the author has narrated a compelling story with several awe inspiring moments. His immense research especially in the field of ancient history and sites and facts associated with them are exceptional.

You can read her book Fatal Fate here. 


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