Feeling Stuck?

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Hurdles are a part and parcel of life – but Om Swami says, there are 3 major hurdles that everyone must overcome – 

  • The Brahm Granthi

The first knot and hurdle we face is just above our genitals – it is the Brahm Granthi, the desire to create. Everybody wants to create something more than they had before, it pushes them to work hard. It is also the knot that is the hardest to open. To open it, you must reach a stage where you feel ‘I am happy the way I am.’

  • The Vishnu Granthi

The second hurdle we face is the desire to preserve what we have – to not lose what we have spiritually and materialistically. 

  • The Rudra Granthi

The third hurdle we face is the desire to destroy. We wish to eliminate the bad from ourselves, but we also try to eliminate some of the good from others – that is, we wish to shape people the way we view them, and that can be dangerous. 

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