As part of our #SizzlingSummerReads, we asked two of our authors — Nikita and Scarlett Grey — where they get the inspiration for the fantasies they write about. Read on to find out:


“I have always wanted to share my exploits because sex is an integral part of what makes us human. Okay, admittedly my life revolves around the pursuit of pleasure. So I relished the chance to reveal part of my secret life through these short stories.
Some of the tales are true, some are just pure fantasies. You decide.
They have one thing in common. In my stories women are in charge, leading the action in the bedroom, in the library, at the mall. The heroines make decisions about their right to desire whether it is with another man, woman, toys or all at the same time.
They want it, they crave it, they need it.
To be honest, I loved doing them all because writing about sex is so much fun. Sometimes my fingers couldn’t be fast enough to get the real action out. But my writing is not just about seeking pleasure. It is as much about people, because humans are fascinating, and relationships complex. A story, however, should always be captivating. Like a hot lover who satisfies you whilst leaving you wanting for more.
So from my heart, all I can say is that I hope you enjoy reading my secrets. These little five tales are just a taster of more revelations to come.
Keep coming back for more….

Nikita xxx”


“I write for the woman who doesn’t get the erotic inspiration she needs. Those books with foreigners getting it on do nothing for her; she wants to read about people like her, people who are sensual and sexual beings. She wants to know what happens in the suburbs of Mumbai and Delhi, not in the mansions of Los Angeles.
When I would read regular romance stories, they excited me for a bit but I couldn’t relate to them. It was like listening to someone else narrate an experience, but how much of that can one tolerate? I would think my reader wants to know what her neighbour’s sexual wants are. She wants to know how to talk about her kinks, and the fantasies she yearns for.
My reader and I both may be voyeurs, but isn’t everyone?

Scarlett Grey”

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