Amrita was born in Kolkata and prefers to be known as a Bengali and not ‘Bong’. A history graduate from Presidency College, Kolkata, she started her career as a graphic designer with an e-card designing firm. However, having realized her greater affinity towards the written word she moved to content writing and has worked in several notable organizations in Kolkata as a Web Content Writer. Currently, she is working as a Technical Writer in an IT services organization and is based out of Gurugram. Her story The Window Seat is the editors’ pick of the week this week.


Tell us about your book.

I am a romantic at heart. My girlhood years have been spent dreaming and drooling over the Dukes, Counts, and Earls featured in the innumerable Georgette Heyers and Barbara Cartlands that I have metaphorically gorged on. This book was crafted out of my love for recreating that era of innocent and pristine romance. In the world that we live in today romance is fast disappearing. We fail to understand the meaning of true love and how it can help to act as a salve for the deepest wound. My book is an attempt to help the world learn to love all over again.

Please tell us something about your early years and major influences on you. What inspires you still?

My childhood was spent in the midst of a big happy joint family. I grew up with cousins, uncles, aunts, and grandparents. As I grew up, I became more of an observer.

My family had a huge impact on my life. My initiation into the world of stories was through my grandmother. Every night she used to enthrall me with her wonderful stories that she narrated in her soft and comforting voice. Every story no matter how simple gained a magical quality when narrated by her.

As I grew up, my mother impacted a major influence in my life. She was and still is a wonderful storyteller who would spice up every tale with her lovely voice intonation and diction. After marriage, my mother-in-law showed me the other facets of life, the ordinary, mundane and simple things which we often ignore. I began to wake up to all the little things which lead to bigger thoughts.

And now my daughter proves to be the fourth and most important woman in my life. I cannot let her down.

Finally, my husband who has inspired, influenced and impressed me every day for all the 15 years and more that we have been together.
I guess that is quite a lot of inspiration to keep one little flame glowing!

When did you know that you wanted to be a writer?

I do not think I can give an exact time stamp to answer that question. It was probably when I started writing for the creative corner of my office newsletter that I realized I was losing touch with writing. As a technical writer, our style of writing was so stoic and stringent that we were literally stifling our creativity. I started writing small stories and self- published my first story on Amazon (The Promise – The Tale of Friendship). My friends and family really appreciated that which triggered the thought that maybe this is my actual calling. Since then I have never stopped thundering away on the keyboard.

What made you write this particular story?

To be candid, this is my love story. However, as they say, “Every story is an exaggeration of a fact” this story too, though crafted from facts, has been curated and done-up with a substantial amount of imagination. However, I love to read it myself and hope there will be silly romantics like me, in my audience, for whom it will definitely touch a chord.


Can you suggest some books for our readers that you think are must-reads?

I would recommend every adolescent should read Alex Hailey’s Roots to be able to stand tall and proud in this world. Every young girl should complete the Little Women series by Louisa May Alcott to appreciate the strength of femininity. Every school going child should initiate their reading with Enid Blyton’s books and then graduate to Roald Dahl to understand what imagination is all about. Finally, to understand how to create images with words and escape into childhood once again, nobody should miss Ruskin Bond. Get addicted to books – that is the best way you can begin your life.

About The Window Seat: Sukanya and Suhas are two hearts and one soul. They meet but it is definitely not ‘love at first sight’. However, the gaze lingers sufficiently long enough to carve in each heart. Their innocent love helps to establish the fact that though death may devour the body, love is eternal. Read More Here.


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