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Your messages are now secure on WhatsApp, a new web-editor encourages you to simplify your writing, and a new Kindle is on its way.

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Okay, so while the whole world was focused on the battle between FBI and Apple over unlocking an iPhone, WhatsApp quietly announced it had begun to encrypt every form of communication on the messaging service — providing its more-than-a-billion users protection from snooping eyes (and governments, in some cases), and effectively telling governments it can’t access WhatsApp messages because its own employees cannot read them now. Wired wrote, ‘If any group of people uses the latest version of WhatsApp—whether that group spans two people or ten—the service will encrypt all messages, phone calls, photos, and videos moving among them. And that’s true on any phone that runs the app, from iPhones to Android phones to Windows phones to old school Nokia flip phones. With end-to-end encryption in place, not even WhatsApp’s employees can read the data that’s sent across its network.’ If you want it, update your WhatsApp now!

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos made a quiet announcement of his own on Monday:

Wall Street Journal reported the new Kindle will have ‘a rechargeable protective case for extended battery life’, while ‘under development is a separate Kindle case with a battery that can be charged using solar power’, although ‘it is unlikely’ to be released soon. ‘The new Kindle and case are code-named “Whiskey” and “Soda,” respectively, and the solar-powered case is known internally as “Sunkiss” among engineers at Lab126, Amazon’s Silicon Valley hardware development unit, one of the people said.’

A new web-based editor is making writing simpler: EasyWrite notifies you when you’ve used a word that is not among the most-commonly used 1,000 top words by highlighting it. See it in action below:




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