Elsewhere in Publishing #2

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The Boy Who Lived will be back this summer, in a play called Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, coHarry-Potter-portrait-written by J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany, and as expected, the news that the play’s script will also be published (on 31st July, Harry’s birthday) as a book took the world by storm. Most folks won’t get to watch the play, and expectedly, the book shot straight to number 1 just 24 hours after the announcement.

Hailed as North Korea’s Solzhenitsyn, a new short story collection that was written under a pseudonym and smuggled out of the country has garnered worldwide interest. One of the stories is about ‘a mother whose toddler is frightened of a huge poster of Karl Marx that he can see from their window, so she closes the blinds. A government official later comes to find out why her blinds are closed before a major parade that day, and she explains how her baby was scared of the image.’

Reedsy, a publishing startup that won the Futurebook BookTech Company of the Year in 2015, which helps ‘authors find editors, designers and publicists through a “curated marketplace“‘, is out with a new book editor that allows ‘multiple users to work on a book at the same time’ and export the books in two preset formats for fiction and nonfiction. It’s meant for ‘both self-publishing authors and publishers who want to create a perfectly formatted book’, according to Reedsy.






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