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First, great news for all Elena Farrante fans out there: her bestselling Neapolitan novels are being adapted into a TV series in Italy, and the mysterious author [whose true identity remains a bigger secret t
han the truth behind Area 51] will be ‘closely involved’ with the series. Fans in India may have to wait before BBC broadcasts it with English subtitles, if you know what we mean.

Our previous post on serialized fiction took us to more interesting happenings: the Hookescreen322x572d app, a venture by startup Telepathic, will see short stories coming to your phone in the form of text messages. ‘Instead of turning pages, you tap the screen to bring on the next message. The app offers a limited number of free stories but charges a subscription fee (starting at $2.99 per week) for unlimited access.’ The founders of Telepathic, Parag Chordia and Prerna Gupta, has raised nearly $1.9 million in funding, and say, ‘There is a huge demand for fiction.’ We couldn’t agree more!

Amazon is planning on opening hundreds of new physical bookstores, according to one of the US’ largest mall operators’ CEO. But this shouldn’t be very surprising, as the Amazon store in Seattle is also its showcase for its devices, and as Vox quite rightly asks, ‘Apple has physical retail stores for its digital devices, as do (albeit less successfully) Microsoft, Sony, and Samsung. Since Amazon makes Amazon-branded devices, why shouldn’t it have a store too?’ But a physical bookstore, by the largest online seller? As Vox says, the decision fits into Amazon’s larger strategy: ‘It wants everyone, everywhere to buy everything from Amazon.’


Finally, there’s a new publishing startup everyone should know about: Publishizer, ‘born in India and bred in Silicon Valley’, is being described as ‘Kickstarter meets Tinder for publishing’ by Bookseller magazine. Publishizer matches authors with publishers, wherein crowd-sourced readers ‘pre-order’ a book, while the success of the book brings potential publishers to it. ‘To date, 11,000 readers have pre-ordered books on Publishizer and 130 authors have earned $464,000 in pre-orders, six of whom have produced Amazon #1 bestsellers,’ Bookseller writes. 5432372015661056







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