10 books to read this Republic Day weekend

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Kohinoor cover

Kohinoor: The Story of the World’s Most Infamous Diamond – William Dalrymple & Anita Anand
‘Kohinoor’ is a scintillating history of the world’s most famous diamond. Tracing the bloody history of this ‘cursed’ diamond, William Dalrymple and Anita Anand weave an engaging narrative dispelling the many myths that surround this stone.


Once Upon a Time in India: The Marvellous Adventures of Captain Cormoran – Sam Miller (tr.)
A dashing French sea captain who has an ever-hungry pet tigress called Louison and who travels to 19th century India. Think Life of Pi, Jungle Book, Far Pavilions, Indiana Jones, anyone who loves Jules Verne. What follows is a swashbuckling adventure set during the 1857 Uprising during which he also falls in love with a beautiful Indian princess. What’s not to love?


A Place of No Importance – Veena Muthuraman
A short story collection with a twist! Beginning with the festive month of Aipasi, Veena Muthuraman tells a story set in each month of the Tamil calendar. As a year unfolds, we get to know Ayyanarpatti: to the world, a small village; for the villagers, the centre of the world.


Age of Anger: A History of the Present – Pankaj Mishra
Why do young men and women from the West join an extremist organisation like ISIS? Why did countless people vote for Brexit and Trump? A must-read book for these troubled times, Age of Anger unearths the roots of the racism, violence and hatred everywhere around us. Pankaj Mishra argues that our age of anger arose from the great economic and political revolutions of the late 18th and early 19th century —their promise of freedom, equality and dignity through growth, industrialization, and nation-building.


From Mumbai to Durban: India’s Greatest Tests – S. Giridhar & V.J. Raghunath
The Indian Test team’s journey to number 1 is a story best told through its greatest games. This is just not just the story of 28 of India’s greatest Tests, but of a billion people’s romance with the game, and about cricketers who won the hearts of millions.


Indigenius: Amazing Indian Inventions – Gayatri Jayaraman
This collection of shorts highlights little-known, yet vastly important, Indian achievements. From the eradication of polio in 2014, to Devi Shetty’s model of an $800 cardiocare surgery. These stories make us proud to be Indian.


Indian Superfoods – Rujuta Diwekar
It’s time to think local! Forget about acacia seeds and goji berries. The secret foods for health, vitality and weight loss lie in our own kitchens and backyards. From aphrodisiacs to fertility boosters, fat burners to mind calmers, top nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar talks you through the ten Indian superfoods that will completely transform you.

Turnaround 150dpi2

Turnaround: Companies that Changed Their Fortunes and How They Did It
Companies rise and fall. But they rarely fall and rise back again. ‘Turnaround’ takes you into the world of Indian companies that turned their fortunes around. Read about how Bata streamlined its operations create a new retail strategy and how Diageo, one of the world’s largest alcoholic beverages companies revived its flagging fortunes.


We Indians – Khushwant Singh
How can any list of books about India be complete without a shout-out to the ever-green writing of Khushwant Singh? A sharp and funny dissection of different aspects of the Indian character, from our attitude to sex, religion and women to our views on corruption and the English language. All in the master’s distinctive style!

Herstory 150dpi3

Herstory: From Anita to Zia, the Women of Indian Business 
India is still breaking her glass ceiling but these women prove that it is possible in this lively and inspiring collection of profiles from the Fortune India archives.

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