Juggernaut’s Editor’s Pick of the Week is the story ‘Who is Knocking on my Door?’

A woman, through the monotony of life, has turned cynical. She no longer finds joy in life and has forgotten the person she once used to be. On her 30th birthday, four metaphysical entities come into her life. Through the course of the day, each has a haunting yet poignant message for her. Will she take a journey of self-reflection with the powers of the universe and unshackle her shuttered soul?

Meera Jenkal is a person with her feet on the ground but her head in the sky. She is an independent creative consultant by profession, and a word weaver and amateur artist in person. It is one life so she chooses to be and do many things in a bid to explore and experience life and worlds.

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Your story is Editor’s Pick of the Week. Please tell us more about it, and its inspiration.

“Who is knocking on my door?” is a story about a once curious and magic-filled girl who has grown into a cynical woman. On her birthday, four metaphysical entities visit her during the course of the day in an attempt to lift the shutters of her soul. It is a subject that everybody can relate to because there are points in each of our lives where we have been disconnected, disinterested or plain depressed by life and its reality.  

I believe that there are two worlds – the energy world and the physical world which interconnect and create the destinies of our lives. When we are children we perceive both worlds much more because our minds are open but as we grow up we tend to forget that things like miracles and magic exist until we, sometimes, need to be reminded. That was the inspiration behind the story of “Who is knocking on my door?”


Do you have any particular rules or rituals you follow as a writer?

When I get an idea I immediately jot it down and always carry around something in which I could write – be it a notebook or phone notes. I think it is important to do so because inspiration can strike at any time and can be fleeting sometimes if not held on to tightly. A primary thing I try to do is to just start writing and create a story draft at first. Not every line will come in a neat flow but the whole point is to build it up as you go. A rule of sorts is that I don’t allow myself to get interrupted or distracted when I am writing so as to not lose my world into which I go into while I write.


What got you interested in becoming a writer? Where do you go for inspiration?

A love for words and the way we can construct them to greater meaning is what got me interested in being a writer. My parents handed my sister and me books when we were very young to teach us to expand our minds. I love how we can express emotions- from simple to profound- by weaving words and play with imagination.

I find inspiration in silence, solitude and songs as I watch the world.  


What’s that one piece written by you which is your all time favourite?

Actually one of my favourite pieces is a poem which many people have read and believed has touched them to think differently. Here is how it goes:



Have you ever…?

Opened the door to your dreams.

With a key of inspiration;

And listened to your heart?

Ran away from nothing.

Toward no destination, in no direction.

Just to chase the wind?

Swam in the ocean.

Seeking mermaids and myths.

Held a shell and awaited stories.

Whispered a wish into a tree;

And waited for fairies to reply.

Went searching for belief;

In the forest of faith?

Looked for faces in clouds;

And christened them with names?

Have you ever…?

Borrowed threads from a spider.

To weave a web of wonder;

And catch visions in it?

Got lost in your imagination.

Painting your thoughts;

And wording your silence?

Planted a seed of hope.

For it to reach far and high;

And make a passage to the sky

Written a letter to God;

And set it sail on the sea.

Sipped on water to taste wine

Or picked pearls in pebbles?

Mistaken coincidence for a miracle

And read a sign in the stars?

Have you ever…?


What is the role of music in your life?

Music to me is a companion with whom I travel thoughts and possibilities without ever having to explain why. To me music is a living, breathing energy that can charge me like nothing else. I can either escape or find myself through music and that to me is a blissful connection.


Your bestselling authors and books list. Why do they make it to your list?

  • Enid Blyton for first making me feel like books can be friends with almost to life characters.  
  • Sidney Sheldon because it was one of the early books I picked up when I was really young and I loved the moviesque feeling to every book.  
  • Stephen King for the sheer variety of themes he has written about intriguingly yet always managing to maintain his noir.
  • Paulo Coelho for his wonderful wordmanship and philosophy soul in storytelling.
  • Nora Roberts for bringing humour and a real-life ingenuity to the genre of romance.

My carry-at-all-times book is by Coelho called The Manual of the Warrior of Light.


Any writing tips you’d like to share with fellow writers?

Just write. Whatever comes to your heart and mind. Pen that down. You can always give it finesse later but don’t lose the thought in trying for perfection from the first.  The words will come to you when you sit still and work out an idea with courage and commitment.



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