Roopal Kewalya loves to write for children and humorous columns on sex and tries not to put them together. She is the queen of sarcasm, a trait which she says she inherited from her cool cat grandmother. She loves to talk to her son in different voices and has a strange habit of counting steps whenever she walks down a place. She still doesn’t know why. Her story ‘The Case of the Unusual Prisoner of War’ is a satirical take on the unfolding of a series of bizarre events.

Please tell us more about your story ‘The Case of the Unusual Prisoner of War’

The story is about an alleged terrorist pigeon who has crossed the border from Pakistan to India. What follows is a satirical take on the unfolding of bizarre events that lead up to the hanging of the terrorist pigeon to death. From a soldier of BSF at the border to a Bollywood lyricist, the story explores how the meaning of patriotism has become as farcical and as mindless as the violence that the two countries explore in year after year.

What was the writing inspiration behind this story?

There was a small news article about a pigeon found at the border with a scroll in its beak last year. That became the inspiration for this story.

Any rules or rituals you follow as a writer?

Yes. I sit at my desk at 9 am every day with a plan in my head as to how my writing will unfold that day. After that, I let the process be spontaneous and let the story take over.

Your favourite piece of work written by you. Why?

My children’s fiction novel THE LITTLE RAINMAKER is my favourite piece of work by me. It’s available on Kindle Amazon. My son was the inspiration behind the story and I thoroughly enjoyed writing the book. It was a great high to finish a novel.

Which is your favourite genre? Who are your favourite authors and how do they make it to the top of your list?

Speculative fiction is my favourite genre and Margaret Atwood, my all time favourite writer. I love James Salter’s prose, Murakami’s surrealism, Marquez’s magic realism and Madeline L’engle and Meg Rosoff’s children’s fiction.

Which is that one book which is an all time bestseller for you? Why?

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle should be counted as an all time bestseller because it was one of the first books my son and I read together and we both loved it equally.

Any writing tips you’d like to share with fellow writers?

Persistence is the way of life for a writer. That and hope. Hanging on to small victories like these and to remember that the writer’s block is a myth.

You can read her book The Case of the Unusual Prisoner of War here.


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