Juggernaut writing platform’s editor’s pick of the week is A Date with Destiny, by Dr. Deepali Mohokar.

Ashok, a professional photographer , is a man who has experienced the highs and who has lived the lows of life and of love. Smriti is happily married to a man who adores her and is content with where fortune ultimately led her to. Ashok and Smriti share a past, which they believe they have left behind, till their paths cross again.

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Dr Deepali Mohokar is a practicing ophthalmologist. Being an eye doctor she has an eye for details, for she believes that she meets the  characters of her stories everyday among her patients. She has always had a love for the written word . She feels there’s a story waiting to be told with people she meets, a tale that needs to meet a conclusion and drama that unfolds in every household. She writes short stories , articles on social issues and book reviews. Some of which have been published and appreciated.



Your story is Editor’s Pick of the Week. Please tell us more about it, and its inspiration.

I’m pleasantly surprised that my story “A Date with Destiny” is the editor’s pick for this week. It feels great to be rewarded for a sincere effort and I’m truly humbled. While I cannot pin point any particular event or situation which could have inspired me into writing this particular story , it’s all these years of reading the works of stalwarts of the writing world that led me into imagining alternative scenarios and asking a lot of ifs and buts and what ifs.  It’s been ages since I travelled by a train and the last journey which I undertook was from this secluded railway station overlooking a serene mountain range. The rhythmic pitter-patter of the rain drops beating on the asbestos sheets somehow stayed with me and ultimately led to ‘A Date With Destiny’.


Do you have any particular rules or rituals you follow as a writer?

I cannot pretend to be a very organized person. I write on a whim and when a brainstorm starts building up I have to put my pen to paper before the trickle stops or I lose track of my train of thoughts and it’s on such lucky days that ideas and words and thoughts keep pouring in steadily and then there is a period of drought when my brain just refuses to cooperate. But every now and then, I vow and promise myself that I’ll work up habit to write on a regular basis and in an organized manner.


What got you interested in becoming a writer? Where do you go for inspiration?

I feel it’s reading that leads one to writing. I’ve been in awe of people who have this gift of imagination, who can cook up a story that keeps you glued and in the end leave you wanting for more. Avid readers like myself are blessed people who get to inhabit a different world, to live an alternate life , albeit for a little while and it’s this joy of dwelling into someone’s mind that I feel led to writing.

As far as looking out for inspiration is concerned, I’m lucky that I get to meet so many people each day through my profession as a doctor that I never fall short of inspiration. These men and women become my characters , their quirks and traits give me my dialogues and certain incidents in their lives direct me to my plot.


 What’s that one piece written by you which is your all time favourite?

I can’t claim to have written that much till now, but out of all my written work so far there is a piece of satire on the Indian Political scenario which I’d written a couple of years back. It’s called  ” The Game of Thrones ” which continues to be my favorite because it’s that piece which I had thoroughly enjoyed writing and I feel when you enjoy writing something it reflects in your work.


What inspired you to write this story?

The maturity that comes with age, the repentance of certain actions which the recklessness of youth made one do and the helplessness that life leaves you with, once you’ve scaled the peaks and the downside sets in. The unforgiving nature of some relationships and the hunger to seek answers to questions which no longer matter led me to write this tale about a woman who’s been wronged by this man she explicitly put her faith in and whom she loved unconditionally.


Your bestselling authors and books list. Why do they make it to your list?

Pride and Prejudice will always be my favorite book of all times. And somewhere in me I find sympathy for Darcy and his mammoth Pride.

I’m a huge fan of Dr Shashi Tharoor and The Great Indian Novel is that piece of satire which he so cleverly weaves around the Mahabharata , the tongue in cheek humor which is so subtle and at the same time so impactful.

Jeffrey Archer, every word of his is purposeful, each word leads us further to the plot. I’ve read all his books over and over again. I’m a massive Jeffrey Archer fan.

‘Palace of Illusions’ by Chitra Devkaruni. I could walk through her palace. I could smell the flowers in her garden. I could hear the war sounds in the battlefield. I didn’t read that book, I lived it.

Khaled Hussaini. All his books. Again, the vividness of his narration, the details of his description, it’s like you almost live with his characters.


Any writing tips you’d like to share with fellow writers?

Show, don’t tell. You could have a fantastic plot a brilliant story, wonderful usage of vocabulary, but if you just keep on telling your story then after a while the reader looses you. Make your characters come alive, let the plot breathe.



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