Diwali Reads You Shouldn’t You Miss!

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Diwali means love, light, family…and gifts! As the season of celebration grows closer, you might be looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones – and there’s nothing better than a good book. So, here is our Diwali Reads selection!

1. Hindu Fables from the Vedas to Vivekananda

Religions have always told stories to their followers to teach them lessons about life. Now comes a book that collects the most enjoyable and inspiring of these fables from the greatest gurus and texts of the Hindu tradition. Ranging from the charming stories of the Panchatantra to a fable told by Tulsidas to Meera Bai, a story about marriage from the puranas to one of Sai Baba’s favourite parables, this collection of stories is full of laughter and wisdom, beauty and thought.• Sai Baba • Sri Ramana Maharishi • Swami Vivekananda • Rishi Yajnavalkya • Sri Chaitanya • Adi Shankara • Janabai • Sri Ramakrishna • Swami Sivananda
2. LEARNING FROM LOSS : Lessons from Our Gurus
 Those of us who have not had to face death, hardship and tragedy in our lives are indeed fortunate. We have all experienced hard times. We have all had to struggle through pain and grief. How did India’s great spiritual teachers talk about these moments? What stories did they tell their followers to console them?

In this beautiful book, Renuka Narayanan selects some of India’s most compelling stories that deal with the subject, from the Jataka Tales and Sri Ramakrishna’s parables to the retelling of the lives of our saints like Surdas and Tukaram.

Wise and moving, Learning from Loss will be your trusted companion through the ups and downs of your life.

3. Garuda and the Serpents: Stories of Friends and Foes from Hindu Mythology

Why did the gods and the asuras churn the ocean? How did Vishwamitra and Vasishtha become enemies for life? Who brought the heavenly river Ganga down to earth? Why did King Trishanku end up hanging upside down? How did Kacha emerge from his teacher’s stomach? Read the marvellous adventures of gods and humans and asuras and other splendid creatures, vividly retold by Arshia Sattar. Drawn from the Puranas, the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, Garuda and the Serpents delivers stories from Hindu mythology that will evoke wonder and delight.


Beloved stories from Hindu mythology by a author and acclaimed Sanskrit translator From the author of Ramayana for Children and Mahabharata for Children comes a book of well-known stories from Hindu mythology. Read about Prahlada, the churning of amrita from the ocean and how Durga killed Mahishasura. And alongside these favourites, introduce your child to some lesser-known myths such as the story of Garuda, and the magic cow Kamadhenu. Richly and beautifully illustrated on every page, this book will be treasured by both you and your child. Reading level: For 6 years and above


5. Ramayana For Children

The Best Ramayana For Your Child. Arshia Sattar is one of the world’s most respected Sanskrit translators. In this bestselling retelling she gives you a Ramayana that will take you and your child as close to the original Sanskrit text as it is possible to get. A classic account, this is the best Ramayana for your child.
6. Mahabharata for Children

THE BEST INTRODUCTION YOUR CHILD CAN HAVE TO THE MAHABHARATA Arshia Sattar’s Mahabharata for Children is one of the most outstanding retellings of this epic ever written. Sattar, an acclaimed translator of the Ramayana, has gone deep into the original and written an account that is so rich, so observant and so moving that it will enthral both you and your child. Reading level: FOR 10 YEARS AND ABOVE
 7. Hope: Wisdom to Survive in a Hopeless World
 Have you lost all hope? Does the world feel bleak and unforgiving? The pandemic crisis has seen many of us lose family, friends, colleagues. How can you recover from this devastating loss? You are surrounded by anger and violence everywhere. Bad news hits you – a failing economy, climate change – every day. Do you want to run away? Are you anxious about money, your family, and your future? In this book, the author helps you to unravel your emotions and find a way to move from darkness into light. Using stories from our epics and concepts from Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain thought, he shows you a new way to look at your life and gives you the tools to find hope again. Simple yet profound, moving and stimulating, Hope will change the way you view the world and help you find your path again.





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