Aiming for the title of best gift-giver this Diwali? We’ve got you covered. Your friends will love these presents, and the best part is you won’t break your bank getting them! Diwali should be about pampering the people you love, and spending money doesn’t have to be your only option. Here are five gift ideas, under Rs. 100, that will show your loved one you care, and your bank account will thank you forever!

Hand-made candles

This one is a no-brainer. Diwali is the festival of LIGHTS, remember? This is a two-ingredient process. All you need is wax, and decorations (sequins, glitter, beads). You can even inscribe messages onto your candles, to give them that extra something personal! Here’s a beginners guide to get you started.


Potted plants

If you live in India, you can hear Diwali a month away. And while bursting crackers is fun, this Diwali you could help your friends breathe easier with a natural air-filtration system! Plants are great decorative items, and you can pick whichever ones you want from your nearest nursery!


Gift a book on Juggernaut

So, there’s this new app in town. It’s called Juggernaut Books; you may have heard of it (:P). Now that we’ve done the plug, seriously – get people a book they’ll love and will keep coming back to. Plus, e-books are literally forever. Get the app here.


A date to a museum

For all of you that love history, or even if you just want to hang out with that special someone without burning a hole in your pocket – this is a great idea. You’ll see some beautiful antiques; you’ll impress your date – all of this for less money than you spend on a packet of chips.


Chaat by the ocean

Disclaimer: If you don’t live by the sea, we’re sorry (but you could always substitute the sea with tea! Sorry, bad joke, moving on)

It’s the perfect weather to go for a long walk, and eat some spicy (or sweet) chaat as you feel the sea breeze in your hair. This is a Diwali gift your partner definitely won’t forget!

Aloo_tokri_chaat (1)

Let us know how you did in the comments below, and have a great Diwali!

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