Every consumer internet product faces this daily challenge – how do we get our users to the products (books in our case) they might want in an app, but don’t know about. We therefore segment you, to send you emailers and notifications. Some of it is deal-based and some of it is behavioural.

In our haste, we often miss the simplest solution – perhaps if we fix our navigation, you’d find what you want on your own.

We have done this by enabling category discovery and unbundling the book.

In the Android app update released today (iOS submitted, will be released) – you will see two navigation additions.

One, the hamburger menu on discover – which will let you quickly navigate to the many categories within the app. With this you will be able to get to the 450+ books organised across 20 categories in a more intuitive manner. The number of books in each category will also be visible.

While short stories and Love, Sex, Romance have grown tremendously in category readership, Non-fiction while still in the top 5, needs more structural help. The average length of most of the non-fiction we’ve published, exclusively for the phone, is around 25,000 words or under. We believe that smarter navigation within the book will let users get to the parts they want to read and unbundle the book. Therefore the Table of Contents (ToC), which you will see now in every book will develop further in the future as we highlight audio supplements, and special digital additions.


Again, thank you for your patience, feedback and regular readership.




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