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painted-elephant-running1) Nachimuthu is caught trespassing on the Emperor’s property. The guards bring him to the Emperor to be punished. The Emperor says: “You are going to die, Nachimuthu! But since I am a great and magnanimous Emperor, I am going to let you choose how you will die. Say something! If it is true, I will feed you to my majestic lions. If it is false, I will have you trampled by my splendid elephants.”
Nachimuthu’s eyes light up. (He’s a logician). He knows he can save himself. What does he say?
Answer: “Your elephants will trample me to death, O Exalted Emperor.”
If it’s true, the lions will eat him — so it’s false. If it’s false, the elephants will trample him — so it’s true. Leaves the Emperor in an impossible quandary, so he covers Nachimuthu in gold (he is a magnanimous Emperor) and sends him back to Rajahmundry.


Mahendra-Singh-Dhoni-Net-Worth-2016-In-Indian-Rupees2) If three sculptors make three statues of MS Dhoni in three days, how many statues will one sculptor make in one day?
Answer: One third.
In three days, three sculptors produce three statues. Therefore in one day, the three sculptors will produce one statue (divide by three). Therefore in one day, one sculptor will produce one third of a statue (divide by three again). Dhoni isn’t happy, but that’s the way it is.


1523) Daulat filled a big bottle with marbles and asked his party guests to guess how many there were. Nobody got the right answer, but the four who came closest guessed 145, 151, 160 and 164. Daulat told them: “One of you is off by 1, one by 3, one by 10 and the fourth by 16”.
How many marbles were there in the bottle?
Answer: 161
1 more than the guess of 160. 3 less than 164. 10 more than 151. 16 more than 145.

binary_tunnel-Digital_Art_design_HD_Wallpaper_medium4)  What’s the next number in this sequence?

Answer: 1113213211
The trick is to read each line (starting from the second) out loud as you look at the immediately previous line. So: The second line reads “one one”. The third is “two one”. The fourth is “one two one one”.
Are you getting the idea? Each line describes the previous one. Check: Line two tells you that line one contains “one one”. Line three tells you that line two has “two one(s)”. Line four tells you that line three has “one two (and) one one”. Etc.
So now describe the seventh line: “one one one three two one(s) three two(s) one one” — i.e. 1113213211, which is the answer.


548598804e7be2ec13287369_logo5) Shyamoli spent Rs 180 at the stationery store the other day. She bought 10 pens in three colours, with at least one of each colour. We know that green pens cost Rs 50 each, silver ones are Rs 20 each and pink ones are Rs 10 each. Question: How many pink pens did Shyamoli come home with?

Answer: 5

Green 1, silver 4, pink 5. To answer this, start with the green pens. Shyamoli cannot buy 3 green, because there’d be only Rs 30 left to buy 7 silver and pink pens. Not 2 green either, because there’s be only Rs 80 left to buy 8 silver and pink pens. Thus, she buys only 1 green, leaving Rs 130 for 9 silver and pink pens. Play around a bit and you’ll find the only option is for her to buy 4 silver, 5 pink.


35006)  128 women enter the Wimbledon tennis singles tournament every year. It’s played as a knockout tournament, meaning only the woman who wins her match moves on to the next round. How many matches are played before Wimbledon has a champion?

Answer: 127

You can work this out painstakingly: 64 pairs play the first round, so 64 matches there. 32 in the second round, etc. 64 + 32 + 16 + 8 + 4 + 2 + 1 = 127.
But there’s a faster and more elegant way to think of this. There’s only one champion, meaning the other 127 all lost at some point in the tournament. Thus there had to be 127 matches.


4QuartersAdsoftheworld7)  Your 24-page daily newspaper gets blown about in the wind, each sheet flying off in a different direction. As you know, each sheet is folded down the middle so that it actually contains four pages. You rush around to gather them together again, but you can retrieve only one sheet. You notice that it has page 10. What are the other pages on the sheet?

Answer: 9, 15, 16

The first sheet (contains the front and back pages) has pages 1, 2, 23 and 24. Work it out in your mind and you’ll see that the sheet you saved must have 9, 10, 15, 16.


Cannibalism_on_Tanna8) Dreaded cannibals capture three unsuspecting tourists: Sushma, Hrithik and Priyanka. They line them up and tie them to poles. Sushma can see the backs of both her companions, Hrithik can see only Priyanka’s back, and Priyanka sees only hungry cannibals. The cannibals show them five hats, three purple and two orange. Then they blindfold them, place one hat at random on each of their heads, and hide the last two hats. “You have one chance to avoid being turned into biryani,” say the cannibals. “When we remove your blindfolds, if any one of you can tell us what the colour of your hat is, we’ll let all of you go.”

The biryani simmers as the blindfolds come off. Sushma, able to see two hats ahead of her, confesses despondently: “I don’t know what colour my hat is.” Hrithik, able to see only Priyanka’s hat, says with a sob: “I don’t know either.” Priyanka, who can’t see any hat, shouts joyfully: “I know!”
Two days later, they are home in Cuttack, uneaten. What colour was Priyanka’s hat and how did she know?
Answer: Purple.
If Sushma sees two orange caps in front of her, she would know she had purple (since there are only two orange hats). Since she doesn’t know, at least one of Hrithik or Priyanka must have a purple hat. Hrithik knows this from Sushma’s answer. If he can see orange on Priyanka’s head, he would know his cap has to be purple. But he doesn’t know, and therefore Priyanka, who has been listening carefully to her friends, knows her hat must be purple.


OldDesignShop_DictionaryWordsSpark9) Shambhu calls the police in a panic, screaming: “Come quickly! My wife Parul just committed suicide!” When the police arrive at Shambhu’s home half an hour later, there’s blood everywhere and he hands them a piece of paper. “Parul’s suicide note,” he says, weeping. “Where did you find it?” the inspector asks.

“In this dictionary,” Shambhu says. “Between pages 137 and 138.”
The inspector looks around at all the blood, then calmly points to Shambhu and tells his subordinates: “Arrest him for murder.” Why?
Answer: In pretty much every book, pages 137 and 138 would be on either side of the same sheet of paper. Shambhu’s lie fails right there. Had he said it was between pages 136 and 137, he might have got away with it. (Open a random book, you’ll find the even numbered page on the left, odd on the right).


400724-dharmendra10) Laila, Juliet, Isolde and Hema arrive at a bridge at midnight. There’s an attendant, who warns them: “Don’t cross! We’re destroying it to build a new one, and I’ve wired it to blow up at exactly 12:17 am!” But the four ladies have to cross, because waiting for them on the other side are Majnu, Romeo, Tristan and Dharam. The bridge cannot carry more than two people at a time. Between them, they have just one torch, which they need to see their way along the bridge. Also, Laila takes one minute to cross. Juliet takes two. Isolde takes five and Hema, ten.  The four men are sitting around drinking chai and are of no help whatsoever. Nor is the attendant. But all four ladies get across before the bridge blows up. How?

Answer: Laila and Juliet cross: takes 2 minutes. Laila returns: 1 minute.

Isolde and Hema cross: 10 minutes. Juliet returns: 2 minutes.
Laila and Juliet cross: 2 minutes. Bridge explodes.
Men keep drinking chai, oblivious. Disgusted women leave them to it and carry on with their journey.

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