Detox after Diwali 

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Did you give in to all the delicious sweets and namkeens all of  October and November? After all, there was Durga Puja, Dussehra, Diwali, and now Bhai Dooj. And that meant never-ending parties, goodie boxes, and indulgences. And now your weight and blood sugar levels are out of whack? Don’t worry. Kavita Devgan, our most read nutritionist, weight management consultant, and health columnist, has detailed the right way to detox. Follow these simple steps to take care of both your weight and your sugar levels right away.

Here are five simple steps to detox your body the right way:

1. Hydrate and then some more. Water is an amazing detox tool. It helps dilute toxins and waste products and enables their easy drainage from our body, and also helps clear out excessive fats from our bloodstream.


2. Drink this herbal concoction: boil some cumin, coriander seeds, and fennel in boiling water and have it after every meal. It’ll get your gut back in order and working efficiently again.


3. Your body deserves some rest after all that partying. So cut down on those endless cups of coffee now! Give your liver a chance to rest from detoxifying all that caffeine every day. Have green tea instead; it contains only a fraction of the caffeine found in black tea and coffee. Plus, it is a great detoxifier as it is loaded with antioxidants. You’ll gain more energy, better sleep, and lower stress.


4. Concentrate on vitamin C. Start your day with nimbu pani. Have tomato soup (or juice) three times a week.


5. Have a papaya smoothie or sip carrot juice to up your beta-carotene dose. This vitamin helps cleanse the insides effectively.


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detox after diwali


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