Have you ever had a weird sex encounter and wondered if other people have had experiences as strange as yours? Reddit user whittingj asked people “What is your craziest/weirdest sexual encounter story?” and got some interesting answers. Here are the best ones:

The strange case of the ‘paranormal erotica’ reader on the train


“One of my more surprising experiences (not sure its classified weird) happened on a train. I was going to visit a friend. Since it was a 4 hour journey, I brought along my kindle. I happen to enjoy paranormal erotica and this particular story was very, very hot. I had assumed I was alone as if not seen anyone enter the car and it was empty when I had embarked on it. Because of that, I hoisted my skirt to my hips, parted my legs and my fingers sank into my soaked flesh. I was close to orgasm, my head back against the seat and my eyes closed.

All my concentration was on the incoming explosion. I damn near screamed when I felt someone else’s finger join my own. My eyes are wide open at the point and a finely dressed man is bent over me, staring intently at our sloshing fingers. The moment his eyes met mine, I came hard and squirted over his hand as well as mine. He took my hands, stood me up, turned me around and bent me at the waist.

I heard the sound of him unzipping his pants right before he slid his hard cock deep in my pussy, fucking me hard. Didn’t take long before I was cumming again and he right after. As soon as he was done, he pulled out, zipped his pants and walked back to his seat. We never exchanged a single word.” (Sic)

The MMA fighter who really cracked her boyfriend up



“One of my earlier exes was obsessed with MMA and kickboxing. She was normal when she was sober, but after some alcohol, all her inhibitions would disappear entirely.

One night, she had too much to drink and she ended up asking me to massage her back. After I finished rubbing her back, I laid face down, expecting one back. Instead, she pulls my pants and boxers cleanly off, then starts spontaneously doing “stuff.” It was getting pretty hot…until, suddenly, I hear her yell, “TSA!” and I feel a sharp pain go up my ass and up my back. She’d karate chopped the crack of my ass…I had a bruise there for a week.” (Sic)

This nose-y affair


“In high school, my then-boyfriend and I decided to sneak off together after school. We’d forgotten condoms, so he did the ‘pull out and pray’ method. Once we got to the stage where he though he was going to finish, he pulled out, lay back and started masturbating.

He slightly misjudged his timing, and was laying there wanking a while. Finally, he was getting close, and he looked down at his penis.

He ejaculated up his own nose.

Worse, his mother came to pick us up (we’d lied and said we were in a club meeting), and he was sniffling all the way home.” (Sic)

This guy who’s night took an interesting turn


“I had a Cinco De Mayo party that turned into an orgy.

I had an apartment in Florence, Italy, when I was studying abroad. My Dutch friend brought two girls over, one of whom he was banging, she was a tough Columbian girl from Queens, and this Half-Italian girl from New Mexico who looked like Shakira.

The Columbian girl said to me as we’re slamming scotch, “Turkeysub3000, we’re getting drunk, we’re getting naked, and we’re getting in a fight!” Turns out all that happened. So I am dancing with this half-italian bird and she looks over at the Columbian girl and they just start dropping trou. Girls from my school were all, “WTF?” but sooner than later, everyone’s clothes were off and we were all grinding, girls were naked kissing up on each other and crazy stuff started happening. I kiss this girl and she slaps me in the face. So I slap her in the face. Then she slaps me again. I pick her up over my back and carry her back to my bed like a cave man.

When I wake up in the morning, the bed is broken and covered in blood. These girls ended up getting in a naked fight in our apartment courtyard, and they bit each other until they bled, and then at some point came back into my bed and took turns getting the D from me.” (Sic)

This guy who didn’t stop for anything



“Craziest and probably best. I had sex with three girls the same night (on 2 different occasions). First was in a bathroom, second time was in a bedroom at the party. I felt very dirty and got tested(was HIV aladeen) and then got together with my girlfriend a few weeks later and have never been slutty since.” (Sic)

Do you have a crazier story? Let us know.

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