Cover Art – A Place of No Importance by Veena Muthuraman

Get a sneak peek into the cover art for A Place of No Importance

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This week we’re excited to share the cover for a fabulous collection of short stories by Veena Muthuraman – A Place of No Importance 

Beginning with the month of Aipasi, Veena Muthuraman tells a story set in each month of the Tamil calendar. As a year unfolds, we get to know Ayyanarpatti: to the world, a small village; for the villagers, the centre of the world.

Our Art Director, Gavin Morris, had this to say about the cover:

We wanted to capture the innocence and joys of childhood in a small fictional town in Tamil Nadu in the 1970s. The short stories are evocative of Malgudi Days and we wanted a cover that could perfectly encapsulate their essence. 

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