Congratulations to Dr. Prashant Pradhan, the winner of our Padman Airtel contest. Dr. Pradhan is an orthopaedic surgeon by profession. Since childhood, reading and getting inspired from the stories about great philanthropists such as Andrew Carnegie and achievers like Shahrukh Khan, he has the aim of achieving something for the Indian society. He is constantly searching for ways he can be helpful to the society.

What are your views on Twinkle Khanna’s book ‘Legend of Laxmi Prasad’? Specifically the story, The Sanitary Man from a Sacred Land?

The book ‘The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad’ has a certain simplicity in it, something that can be seen in everyday life. With feminism at its core, its not hard-hitting and is an easy read. The depiction of characters and the beautiful imagery make it worth reading. Specifically about ‘The Sanitary Man from a Sacred land’, its a story that needs to be told. A story of love, perseverance, entrepreneurship and a simple common man changing the thinking pattern of the society. Very well written without any over the top depiction, something which makes readers think that even they can bring a change in the society.

Do you think the movie Padman, does justice to the book? How?

The movie Padman does full justice to the book. Firstly, storyline has been kept simple and relatable rather than taking creative liberty which generally is done in any Bollywood film adapted from a book. Secondly, Akshay Kumar beautifully portrays the character of simplistic, light hearted Bablu as if the book was written keeping his face in mind.

Padman is the story of a real-life hero. Who is your real-life hero and how does he/she inspire you?

I have many real-life heroes to get inspired from. My ultimate real life hero is my father. Being a school drop-out and uneducated he managed to raise me and educate me with full vigour. Facing all the difficulties himself he made sure that my path to self-dependency is free of any obstacles. He has provided me with more than decent education, life and principles. He inspires me with his word, “Have faith in God and faith in yourself and anything can be accomplished.” Apart from him I also would like to mention names of Dr. Devi Shetty who has brought a revolution in the treatment of heart diseases in children and affordability in healthcare and Dr. Venkatswamy, the founder of Sankara Nethralay that is giving vision to many blind people at no cost.

What is that one cause India desperately needs a hero for?

India desperately needs a hero for upliftment of  ‘health of mothers and newborns’. The malnutrition and morbidity rate among Indian mothers and newborns is very disturbing. This can only be done by increasing the affordability of health care and making it more accessible.


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