Just when you heave a sigh of relief as the last of the exams is behind you, you realize you need to start your special classes that determine pretty much where your career path is going. Entrance exams are a necessary evil that need to be surpassed if you want to get into college and spend the next few years bunking classes. But here are 5 ways to make them a tad easier:

Balance study and fun

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It’s a pain to study for an exam so soon after the previous ones just got over. So take all of 24 hours to gripe, gripe and gripe some more. Once it’s out of the system, set aside some time in the day to study. Plan it around the shows you like to watch and give yourself small treats once you complete something. Plus, you never know who you’ll meet in the special classes, a potential BFF or someone who’s eyeing you from the other side of class. When all else fails, try to organize a joint study session and spend half of it figuring out what to study and the other half bitching about people.

Get those guides

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Guides are there for a reason. Use them wisely. It’s like an official cheat-code put together by people who’ve spent their entire lives trying to figure out patterns in question papers. Pay attention in class when the teacher says this question gets repeated every year. Learn those well.

Reach out to people who’ve already attempted the exam

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That neighbour of yours who attempted the exam a few years back will be more than happy to help you crack it. They’ve done it before – hopefully successfully – and will be able to tell you simpler ways of dealing with the questions, time management tips and other important things to keep in mind.

Attempt the questions you know first

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This seems like the most obvious one, but you don’t know the number of people who forget this. Before you get muddled up with the sections you know and those you kinda know, quickly attempt the ones you know first. This will act as the necessary confidence booster. Keep track of time. If the question paper is in sections, break up your time to finish each section. Don’t forget to turn the question paper both ways to see if you’ve missed a side in your enthusiasm.


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After all it’s summer. There’s plenty of time for vegetating in front of the TV, with the AC in full blast, pig on mom’s amazing food and have plenty of mangoes. Find time for friends, play some cricket, watch movies, spend some Q time with the folks and laze with the perfect summer book!


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