Change While You Can

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‘Who Moved My Cheese’ has helped millions of people learn to deal with change. We break it down to understand exactly why change is important. 

  1. A Gathering

The story starts with the gathering of former classmates, who find that they have all changed a lot over the years. One of the attendees, Michael, expresses that change didn’t bother him as much as it did them and starts to narrate a story. 

2. Of Mice & Men

2 mice, Sniff and Scurry and 2 ‘little people’, Hem and Haw run through a maze every day in search of sustenance. One day, all four of them are delighted to come across a huge piece of cheese that should be enough for them for a while. But both the pairs react differently. 

3. Settle for less or Search for more?

While both the pairs were overjoyed at their discovery, the mice continued to search for cheese in other places. They were aware that the cheese would one day get over, and what would they do then? But Hem and Haw moved their homes there and everyday, had a little bit of cheese. They stopped looking for more and felt content with what they had. 

4. One Day..

When the eventuality hit, it devastated Hem and Haw. They came into the cheese station one day to discover that the cheese had disappeared. The mice had noticed the piece getting smaller by the day and when it was over, simply moved on to their quest for another cheese station. Hem & Haw, however, dissolved into arguments and proclamations, claiming that life was unfair. 

5. Haw Tries to Do Better

Haw decided that despite Hem’s fear of the unknown, he had to get out there to fend for himself. So, he decided to leave the maze and moved around, looking for cheese. There were days when he went hungry and days when he had just a few morsels. All along, he created a trail for Hem to follow, with quotes on the walls about his journey to create breadcrumbs to follow to his next cheese station. Eventually, Haw came across a new cheese station, one that was being used by the mice and all three of them toasted their success. Haw vowed never to be lazy again and to embrace change as life went on. 

While change can be hard, it can also be liberating. How can you use to grow personally and professionally? Read ‘Insights from Who Moved My Cheese by Dr Spencer Johnson in 15 minutes’ as it answers our #QuestionoftheDay on 21st July. 


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