The four numbers that defined our year

Juggernaut Books can now be accessed from anywhere in the world on any device.

Discovering new books to read just got easier!

A little deeper about the metrics that make Juggernaut work as a brand

  Every consumer internet product faces this daily challenge – how do we get our users to the products (books in our case) they might want in an app, but don’t know about. We therefore segment you, to send you emailers and notifications. Some of it is deal-based and some of it is behavioural. In our haste, we often miss...

When do folks read on Juggernaut? Which cities are they coming from? What are they reading? Read about what we've learnt after 6 weeks.

A few tips on how to make your Juggernaut experience richer

Juggernaut Books -- an easy way to read!

Your messages are now secure on WhatsApp, a new web-editor encourages you to simplify your writing, and a new Kindle is on its way.

The traditional book cover is a hero in our app.